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DRE 2022.3 Showcase | Best Spotter for iRacing
Digital Race Engineer

Digital Race Engineer

Built exclusively for iRacing

The Best iRacing Spotter | Use your voice to control over 400 commands  |  Get vital feedback from over 50 voice alerts



crew chief

Monitors your racing, context, and alerts you. Takes action from commands given by you. Helps you increase ▲iRating  ▲Safety Rating.

It’s the crew chief iRacing needs

Unloads your eyes

Utilizes the ears

Nothing to look at and be distracted by – Audio-only communication

Perfect for monitor and Virtual Reality racing

Focus on driving

Hear crucial info when needed

Engine & Fuel Warnings
Advanced Gear shifts
Weather changes
Competitor warnings
Sector & Lap Times
Overtake Assist

Take control

Master your racing

Control your car and settings
Pit & Fuel assists
Easy Navigate Cameras, UI & Black Boxes
Ask for performance info


Happy Sim Racers

Tried it out last night and really enjoyed it … deleted my crew chief spotter!

Just wanted to say thank you again. Installed the pro version today and tested it out and it is an incredible program.

Dwayne Mcarthur

I would find it extremely difficult to race in VR without DRE. I won’t try extolling the virtues, as Egil does a very good job of that.

I highly recommend the DRE app.

Butch Berney

Never been a VR user but have been using this for years. Great app and allows me to focus on track instead of finding keyboard keys or buttons on a button box.

Highly recommend!

Rich Jamison

Some of the features

Off tracks and Incidents details in iRacing | DRE
Don't Forget Fuel In iRacing | Grid Fuel Warning
Launch Signal in DRE | iRacing Spotter
Striking Distance in iRacing | DRE

Why use DRE?

The complete spotter

Loads of features and tools included

No visual distractions


Crew Chief vs DRE

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Custom Commands Unleashed

Explore how DRE’s latest stable release, v2023.1.5 simplifies racing with multi-command custom commands, revamped controller mapping, enhanced neural voices, and more.

DRE 2023.1 is Live!

Dive into the latest DRE v2023.1 spotter for iRacing with groundbreaking features like advanced Auto Fuel, Real-Time Tire Wear estimations, and multi-language support. It’s a game-changer for iRacing enthusiasts!

Bonjour! 🥐 French Translations in DRE

Discover the exciting expansion of DRE to include French, following German and Italian! Embrace 500+ voice commands and 700+ alerts in French, enhanced through community-driven proofing. Join us in this multilingual journey, making DRE more accessible and engaging for sim-racers globally.

Undercut Racing Team Joins Forces with DRE

Explore the dynamic synergy between Undercut Racing Team and DRE – a partnership that blends cutting-edge technology with the rich legacy of sim racing, promising a thrilling future for the sport!

2023’s a Wrap! – What happened and what’s in the pipe?

Discover how DRE transformed sim racing in 2023 and get a sneak peek at groundbreaking features coming in 2024. Exciting partnerships, enhanced AI, and more – find out what’s revving up at DRE!

Real-Time Tire Wear & Health in iRacing?

DRE 2023.1 introduces a tire data feature, enhancing strategy with wear management, historical data, and real-time monitoring, adaptable to track, car, and driver.

Precise Fuel Strategy in DRE 2023.1

DRE 2023.1’s update revamps fuel strategy for racing sims. New features: improved fuel calculations, auto-fueling, multi-driver endurance race support. Adapts to driving styles, offers fuel override for precise, personalized strategies

Explore DRE Alpha Versions

Ever fancied being a tech daredevil? Dive into the quirky world of Alpha testing DRE – where brand new features and excitement live with a few bugs playing hide and seek!

Black Friday 2023 Sale

Black Friday Sale: Save big on DRE subscriptions! New users get 50% off the first year, existing subscribers enjoy 25% off on renewals. Use codes: BFNEW2023 for new sign-ups, BFRENEW2023 for renewals. Act before Nov 30th!

Wave Italy Partners Up!

DRE and Wave Italy are partnering to deliver unparalleled sim racing experiences. Leverage Wave Italy’s professional-grade hardware and DRE’s cutting-edge software for an elevated driving simulation journey.

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