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Want to check out the very latest DRE features?

Alpha versions of DRE is your answer. Here’s how you can test the additions fresh from the oven 👇

  1. Download a stable DRE version and install it
  2. After the initial DRE setup is completed, go to Settings -> Updates
  3. Select Alpha from the Release Channel dropdown
  4. DRE will now download the latest Alpha version, if available
  5. Install the Alpha version, and you’re off!


What are Alpha versions?

  • Like a Rough Sketch: An alpha version is an early version of software, kind of like a rough draft or a sketch. It’s not complete and often has bugs or missing features.
  • For Testing: It’s mainly for testing and getting feedback to improve the software.

Stable Releases, as a comparison, are:

  • Finished Product: A stable release is like the final, polished version of a software. It’s more reliable and has all the intended features.
  • Ready for Everyone: This version is good to go for all users, not just testers.


Note! Alpha versions are unstable and may break, and even crash DRE. If you don’t want unstable releases, stay on the Beta or Stable release channels instead

Custom Commands Unleashed

Explore how DRE’s latest stable release, v2023.1.5 simplifies racing with multi-command custom commands, revamped controller mapping, enhanced neural voices, and more.

DRE 2023.1 is Live!

Dive into the latest DRE v2023.1 spotter for iRacing with groundbreaking features like advanced Auto Fuel, Real-Time Tire Wear estimations, and multi-language support. It’s a game-changer for iRacing enthusiasts!

Bonjour! 🥐 French Translations in DRE

Discover the exciting expansion of DRE to include French, following German and Italian! Embrace 500+ voice commands and 700+ alerts in French, enhanced through community-driven proofing. Join us in this multilingual journey, making DRE more accessible and engaging for sim-racers globally.

Undercut Racing Team Joins Forces with DRE

Explore the dynamic synergy between Undercut Racing Team and DRE – a partnership that blends cutting-edge technology with the rich legacy of sim racing, promising a thrilling future for the sport!

2023’s a Wrap! – What happened and what’s in the pipe?

Discover how DRE transformed sim racing in 2023 and get a sneak peek at groundbreaking features coming in 2024. Exciting partnerships, enhanced AI, and more – find out what’s revving up at DRE!

Real-Time Tire Wear & Health in iRacing?

DRE 2023.1 introduces a tire data feature, enhancing strategy with wear management, historical data, and real-time monitoring, adaptable to track, car, and driver.

Precise Fuel Strategy in DRE 2023.1

DRE 2023.1’s update revamps fuel strategy for racing sims. New features: improved fuel calculations, auto-fueling, multi-driver endurance race support. Adapts to driving styles, offers fuel override for precise, personalized strategies

Black Friday 2023 Sale

Black Friday Sale: Save big on DRE subscriptions! New users get 50% off the first year, existing subscribers enjoy 25% off on renewals. Use codes: BFNEW2023 for new sign-ups, BFRENEW2023 for renewals. Act before Nov 30th!

Wave Italy Partners Up!

DRE and Wave Italy are partnering to deliver unparalleled sim racing experiences. Leverage Wave Italy’s professional-grade hardware and DRE’s cutting-edge software for an elevated driving simulation journey.

Interview with Lone Road iRacers Podcast – Round Two

Listen to Egil from DRE discuss the new 2023.1 version and future updates on The Lone Road iRacers Podcast. Topics include improved fuel calculations, graphs, and more. Available on multiple platforms


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