DRE Changelog


✅ Downloading DLC for showing graphs in Analytics and Sound views moved to DRE app startup

✅ Fuel pit stops left calculation edge-cases

✅ Additional fix to: Exiting DRE would not always gracefully end the connection with iRacing SDK

✅ A few bugs found by the internal bug tracker


⭐ Alert Position - Next position rating probability

  • Added a slider to adjust the probability of the next position rating alert when the Position alert triggers
  • Defaults to 60% likely
  • Adjust it in Performance -> Position -> Changes -> Estimated Rating Probability

🔄 Low Fuel alert now has a 30 sec cooldown before a new alert can trigger

✅ Commands view would not reload command statuses (gray/white) after re-entering the view

✅ Setting exact fuel amount by commands would not always set the exact amount

  • This was caused by slightly delayed fuel calculations in iRacing, causing DRE to bump up the liters added by 1

✅ A few bugs found by the internal bug tracker

🐛 Known Issues

None 🎉 Found a bug? Make a ticket in DRE Discord -> Support -> #issues


⭐ New bind: Auto Compute FFB Force

  • Added a bind option for auto-computing the force feedback in iRacing
  • Map it in Controls -> iRacing -> Other Controls -> Auto Compute FFB Force

✅ Exiting DRE would not always gracefully end the connection with iRacing SDK

✅ Starting DRE would not load the current session data of the paused sim

✅ File Starter would not allow to toggle Auto Close and Start Minimized checkboxes

✅ Removed a few duplicate commands caused minor internal chaos


🔄 Updated the End User License Agreement (EULA)

✅ Temperature Weather alerts would alert with high delta temps

✅ A few bugs found by the internal bug tracker


✅ Mapping an XInput device as PTT in Wizard would not let you continue during calibration phase

✅ Windows versions without Media Foundation platform installed could not play audio

✅ DRE could not retrieve blog post news from the website

✅ Bugs found by the internal bug tracker


New stable release 🎉

Here are some of the changes since 2023.1.4.4:

🎙️ Custom Commands

  • Trigger multiple commands with a single custom command.
  • Example: Fuel laps left status triggers Fuel laps left now and Fuel laps left at start.
  • Bind custom commands to a button or speak them directly.
  • Delimit the commands with semicolons ;

    Bind and trigger multiple commands in one go

🔊 Neural Voices: Enhanced clarity with improved limits and metallic sounds resolved.

🎮 Controller Multi-Mapping and Improvements

  • Assign multiple controllers per bind with a new editor.
  • Fixed Xbox button mapping issues.
  • Using 1 to 0 on the keyboard could produce wrong keys being sent to the sim
  • Gear up and down binds no longer speak out "Gear up" or "Gear down" when pressed

⏮️ New Lap Info Pre-Delay: Tailored Race Insights

  • Adjustable delay before New Lap Info is spoken.

🔵🟠💛 Subscription badges on settings in the app are now visible at all times

Subscription badge

  • This is done to minimize confusion about which features are locked at certain subscription tiers.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Squashed a lot of bugs for improved experience
  • Critical bugs, like tire degradation and simultaneous button issues, have been ironed out, improving the experience across various aspects of DRE.

✅ Command Binds and Custom Commands

  • Editing and deleting command binds or custom commands was not possible
  • Editing custom command Keybind / Phrase was not possible as it would reset the field

🐛 Known Issues

None 🎉 Found a bug? Make a ticket in DRE Discord -> Support -> #issues


✅ Neural Voices

✅ Controllers

  • XBox button mapping was not quite correct and missed D-Pad buttons
  • XBox buttons mapping and usage were not consistent
  • Improved the user experience of mapping

✅ Grid Count Down Alert

  • Reaching 15 and 5 seconds left during gridding rounded the time left to the nearest 10, respectively 20 and 10 seconds left

✅ A few fixes found by the internal bug tracker

🐛 Known Issues

None 🎉 Found a bug? Make a ticket in DRE Discord -> Support -> #issues


Multi-mapping available


🔄 Controllers

  • It's now possible to map more than 2 controllers to each bind. A brand-new bind editor will open and allow you to map several binds.
  • Controls and Bind Editor have had a facelift to accommodate this new feature
  • Controller cells requiring a keyboard bind will now be grayed out and disabled until a keyboard bind is set
  • Improved using buttons as modifiers for other buttons to expand available buttons for binds

✅ Controllers

  • Issue with controllers including parenthesis in their names, like Logitech G HUB PRO Racing Wheel for Xbox and PC (USB)
  • Simultaneous binds would not trigger if another button not bound was momentarily held
  • Fixed issue introduced lately where in-sim binds would not trigger

✅ A few fixes found by the internal bug tracker


⭐ New Lap Info Pre-Delay

  • Added a variable delay before the New Lap Info is spoken. This can be useful if you intend to keep the in-sim lap time reporting.
  • Defaults to 0 seconds (instantly)
  • Adjust in Performance -> Lap -> New Lap Info -> Pre-Delay

✅ Rolling starts that begin from the pit lane

  • would trigger the pit speeding alert or signal when exceeding the pit speed limit
  • would trigger the pit count down alert

✅ App Start Greet would not sound when manually starting DRE to system tray

✅ Tire degradation internal "per kilometer" value mistakenly used "per lap" value in some cases

✅ A few fixes found by the internal bug tracker

🐛 Known Issues

None 🎉 Found a bug? Make a ticket in DRE Discord -> Support -> #issues


🔄 Controllers

  • DirectInput controllers are now only polled during mapping, or if they are mapped. This eases the load on the system and prevents DRE from polling controllers that are not in use.
  • For controllers with multiple internal devices (like Fanatec wheels+bases), DRE would not acquire the correct device for polling. This has been fixed.
  • Clearing the 1st Controller mapping whilst having one in the 2nd Controller slot would clear the 1st and hide the bind editor but stay in editing mode preventing pushes.
  • More logging added to detect issues with controllers not being polled

✅ Get Started Wizard

  • Wizard would not acquire and poll available controllers
  • Getting to speech recognition calibration before the grammar was fully loaded did not display any warning
  • Getting to Voice Selection did not start out with the voice speaking

✅ Setting fuel by commands could sometimes add less fuel than requested

  • This was caused by the iRacing fuel amount steps
  • DRE now ensure at least the requested amount is set
  • For example, if you ask for 16 liters in the Street Stock, it would previously round to the nearest amount step available in iRacing, for this car 15.1L.
  • If DRE detects less than requested fuel is in, it adds single liters in increments on top until the requested amount is reached.
  • In this example, the next step after 15.1L to cover the requested 16L in sim is 18.9L

✅ A few bugs caught by the internal bug tracker


✅ Race Simulation

  • Overriding the practice time for race sim running could use a "best lap time" value potentially with 0 time
  • Race sim would reset every time you left the pits. Now, it only resets the race sim when you enter the car

✅ Pit Speed Limit Signal did not update its ranges

  • Overriding the practice time for race sim running could use a "best lap time" value potentially with 0 time
  • Race sim would reset every time you left the pits. Now, it only resets the race sim when you enter the car

✅ Using non-native English neural voices could lead to doing pit countdowns in their native language

✅ A few bugs caught by the internal bug tracker


🔄 New logic for fullscreen usage

  • Previously on multi-monitors, DRE would not properly maximize

✅ Malformed fuel data could be uploaded to the DRE database

✅ Simultaneous binds

  • Issue with multiple buttons down at the same time
  • For example, up-shifting while using Push-To-Talk, interrupted PTT and stopped it
  • Now, DRE handles simultaneous binds individually

✅ Analytics Fuel graphs were not adjusting their heights on Free version

✅ Neural Words Left statistics was only showing on Free

✅ Correcting Fuel calculations

  • A correctional logic in place to account for invalid laps by iRacing adjusted valid laps as well.
  • This forced fuel usages into rare invalid fuel levels and could lead DRE off the enlightened path.

✅ Reduced number of Neural Words generations

✅ Loads of bug fixes caught by the internal bug tracker


✅ Hotwords activation

  • Fix to the logic picking up otherwise rejected speech as accepted, when its confidence was high enough.
  • This logic did not account for hotword activation before the hotword was spoken.
  • This caused DRE to recognize these and let them slip through the Mike Kracks

✅ RawInput FFB polling would lose FFB on some devices

  • Added a toggle Poll RawInput devices without buttons which is on by default for RawInput FFB polling.
  • Enable this to let DRE scan and poll RawInput devices that allegedly have no buttons or POV hats.
  • Disable if you don't want DRE to check for button and POV counts and just poll all RawInput devices available. If your wheel's FFB is lost when starting DRE, disabling this may help


Custom Commands

A few tweaks and additions to custom commands make them way more versatile than ever before! Bind and trigger multiple commands in one go

⭐ Single custom command to multiple commands

  • It's now possible to trigger multiple command with a single custom command.
  • For example, the custom phrase Fuel laps left status can trigger 2 commands: Fuel laps left now and Fuel laps left at start. Delimit the commands with semicolons ;

⭐ Bind custom commands

  • It's now possible to bind custom commands to trigger them from a button
  • This allows you to both speak a custom command like Fuel laps left status or trigger it using a keyboard or buttons

✅ Keybind / Phrase type detection

  • Better detection of when you press a bind vs type a phrase to trigger.
  • For example, mapping keys like [PAUSE] should now be regarded as key binds, rather than phrases

Bits & Bops

🔄 Restructure of "Fuel laps left" commands

  • To minimize confusion in the heat of the moment, here are a few tweaks to asking for the fuel laps left:
  • Asking Fuel Laps Left will respond both with the current number of laps left with fuel, and specify the laps left at S/F next time around
  • Asking Fuel Laps Left at start will respond with the fuel laps left at S/F next time around
  • Asking Fuel Laps Left now will respond with the fuel laps left currently where you are on track

✅ Tire Wear Analytics did not display estimated (completed) laps of tire wear

✅ Overtake Signal was not always triggering

✅ When DRE says "100.x" the 100 part is spoken as "1"

✅ A few fixes found by the internal bug tracker


🔄 Keybinds config file is now backed up

  • This makes it possible to retrieve a backup later if they main Keybinds.ini gets corrupted

🔄 Subscription badges on settings are now visible at all times

  • Reason to make these visible is to avoid confusion of which features are locked at certain subscription tiers

🔄 Menu tooltips added

  • Useful for when DRE's side menu is folded
  • Hover over the buttons to see what they do

✅ Sector alerts triggers while caution or FCY

  • Sector alerts Drop off, Optimal last and class best were heard during cautions in some situations

✅ Player data was not retrieved in rare cases

  • More methods to find the player and its data have been implemented

✅ Limited the value of Max Character Duration sliders to their minimum values

  • This means, these cannot be overridden through config JSON anymore

✅ Analytics view heights were not vertically expanded fully

🐛 Known Issues

None 🎉 Found a bug? Make a ticket in DRE Discord -> Support -> #issues


✅ Analytics: Tire Wear graph zoom

  • On track with low deg or just many laps until the critical tire wear is met, it would be difficult to see the completed laps because of the zoomed out nature to include the critical tire wear lap
  • Now, DRE focuses on the completed laps instead of the critical tire wear threshold, until there's about 40 laps to go

✅ Restricted New Lap Info: Fuel Target

  • Only triggers if the amount is in an expected range, and if it's the last stint in the session

✅ DRE speech could be split up by other utterances

  • For example, SOF of 3011 in DRE land is two sentence part pieces: SOF of and 3011
  • When queued up for DRE to speak and other speech was queued up at the right/worst moment, this could lead to DRE speaking the other speech in between.
  • An attempt to prevent this has been implemented

✅ Missing exclamation marks in some DRE speech

✅ RawInput polling

  • Devices that have no buttons or POVs are ignored at all times, saving polling resources
  • Devices that do have buttons are now ignored unless you're currently mapping a bind, or the device has already been bound

✅ Controller plugging detection delay

  • Previous 1000ms delay was not enough to detect new XInput devices being added.
  • Bumped the delay to 1700ms

✅ Logitech G HUB PRO Racing Wheel for Xbox and PC (USB) not polled

  • This was caused by filtering this device because it had "Xbox" in its device name

✅ Xbox and XInput compatibility

  • Xbox controller that can both be wireless, bluetooth and via USB should now operate interchangeable from their connection type
  • You can map from either connection (eg. wireless using XInput), and later when using it via USB, the existing bind should trigger


✅ DRE saying negative numbers like "-5" resulted in dash five

✅ Internal start times of sessions did not stick

✅ A few tweaks to Striking Distance to allow it to trigger more often

✅ Session types on heat racing server were not correctly set, causing bad session lengths

✅ DRE not resetting stint lap and out laps

✅ Simucube 2 Pro wheel spams a non-existing "button 1" shadowing real button pushes

✅ Unable to use [ and ] for binds

✅ Bad gender of localzied nouns in times like un heure -> une heure

✅ Duplicate commands listed for RecognitionBad and RecognitionGood

✅ A big chunk of issues caught by the internal bug tracker


This version has been tested with the latest iRacing build 24S2 ✅

Want 🌧️ rain support? Stay tuned for the new DRE 2024.1 Alpha

✅ Pit Shuffle did not always wait for Escape key to be released before triggering the Drive key

✅ A few issues caught by the internal bug tracker


🔄 Wizard Speech Calibration Minimum Confidence values lower about 20% more

  • This allows more speech to be recognized despite low confidence levels

✅ Running simulated race during practice before setting a fastest lap time

✅ A few issues caught by the internal bug tracker


🔄 Pit Shuffle checks for tire changes

  • Pit Stop Shuffle feature now also looks at any tire changes and expected duration of these changes

✅ Reverted some changes to sending keys for as short duration as possible

  • This change was causing double presses on black boxes essentially showing them, then hiding them again


⭐ App UI Scale

  • Tweak the zoom and font sizes of DRE to your likings.
  • Adjust it in Settings -> Window -> UI Scale

✅ French speak MicListening had malformed content and caused errors

✅ Pace Car Distance alert logic

✅ Hidden Analytics Class Consistency Graph

✅ Dashboard Last Race & Practice results not updating

✅ Delta Wave Signal

  • Could hang when starting DRE while in the pits
  • The signal now has a larger "deadzone" around 0 delta as well as lower volume around 0

✅ App window

  • Now supports snapping with default Windows snapping features and FancyZones
  • Un-maximizing by dragging the window should behave as expected
  • Maximizing DRE should no longer overlap the bottom Windows Task Bar but stay above it in the "working area"

✅ A haul of issues caught by the internal bug tracker


2023.1 is Live!

  • ⛽ Fuel Strategy – new foundation laid for letting DRE make strategy calls before the race start and as you progress through the race.
  • 🛞 Tire Wear + knowledge about your tires in general: DRE estimates wear based on historic data and approximate guesstimation of actual driving.
  • Translations of voice commands and DRE speech to 🟩⬜🟥 Italian, ⬛🟥🟨German & 🟦⬜🟥French.
  • 📊 Analytics to see your performance visually.
  • New 🎙️ commands and 📣 alerts.
  • 🐛 100+ bugs squashed since the 2022.3 branch.
  • 📝 The code base has been improved internally to path the way for quicker future updates 🤞

Read more about the new awesome features right here 👈


Changes from latest beta 2023.1.3.5:

✅ Momentary white flicker from graphs when going to Analytics view

✅ Completed stints in the Analytics Fuel Burn graph was offset

✅ Multiple tooltips could stay open at the same time

✅ Spotter calling pit countdowns are now pre-cached after the Get Started wizard completes

✅ The Get Started wizard now shows the PTT bind set

✅ Fuel Rate could slowly decrease towards 0 during initial laps

✅ Fuel data reset did not occur entering car on grid for race, when last driven was in practice, skipping qual

Pit Countdown Begin was shown as an option under Time-based countdown

🐛 Known Issues

None 🎉 Found a bug? Make a ticket in DRE Discord -> Support -> #issues


🔄 Bug Reports now contain Player's tire wear estimation data as a CSV file, starting with PlayerLapDataSnapshot...

✅ One lap to green alert called again just before going green at end of caution

✅ Few issues caught by the internal bug tracker


🔄 Start/Ignition logic and commands

  • When using the "Start engine" command, it will only ignite the engine if the engine voltage is below 0.1V
  • Added a variation of "Turn ignition on" for the "ignition" command, which previously only had "kill engine" and such

🔄 Estimated session laps left in timed sessions

  • Slight tweak in the logic to account for "worse-case" of having to run an extra lap

✅ Enabling Pit Shuffle now checks if 'Enter / Exit / Tow Car' bind is set

  • Also, a few verbose logs have been added to Pit Shuffle logic to debug future issues

✅ Dashboard would show qualification results in "Latest Practice"

✅ Pit Speed Limiter alert and signals would trigger on entering a turned-off car

✅ Removed duplicate speak of GWC fuel needed in some variations

✅ Class Leader Launch Signal would not start on tracks where the pit entry is just after S/F

✅ A plethora of issues caught by the internal bug tracker


✅ Part sentences containing a period would produce "0"

  • For example 'The next position will lose you 22 0'

✅ Hidden dropdowns for selecting Neural voices

  • Issue started in 2023.1.3.2

✅ Analytics Tire Wear view was not accessible before joining a session

✅ A few issues caught by the internal bug tracker


🔄 Subscription-locked settings now clearer

Current value added Current value added

  • Added a lock and the unlocked value to features/settings that are currently locked from subscription tier (with strikethrough)
  • Current locked value shown without the strikethrough

🔄 Moved Overtake settings to its own view

  • Find Overtake settings in Car -> Overtake now
  • Previously found in Car -> Proximity

🔄 Default values for Overtake repeats extended

  • Overtake Delay increased 1 -> 1.5 seconds
  • Overtake Roll Off increased 0.15 -> 0.25 seconds
  • This should make the overtaking a bit less stressful

🔄 Local yellow flags

  • Speaks now have a bit more expressive urgency in them
  • Lowered the gap threshold to the yellow flag incident from 4 to 2.75 seconds. Gaps above this threshold will have more details in the alert, like 'Incident in 3 seconds, 1 there'

✅ Log searching was not working

  • Removed old search/filters on each column
  • Added a log search text box that searches the Context (Ctx) and Content columns

✅ Logging out reset subscription-locked settings

✅ A bunch of issues caught by the internal bug tracker


⭐ Overtake Simplify Repeats

  • Toggle added to enable simplified calls of 'Still there' during Overtake Alerts, where the opponent car is "stationary" alongside you
  • With this toggle off (default), you will hear variations like 'still there', 'still active', 'keep there' and more

⭐ Overtake Roll-off

  • Defines how much duration is added to the pauses between Overtake alerts during an overtake.
  • This duration is added on top the existing delay after every overtake call

🔄 Moved race checkered flag alert to within 100 meters of the checkered S/F depending on cars in proximity

  • If you're close to others, DRE will wait fully until the S/F line
  • But if you got it in the bag, DRE will celebrate slightly earlier, so keep that car on the road!

🔄 Made it clear when settings are subscription-tier locked to a value in the app

  • Also, it now shows what the locked value is

🔄 Over 100 🟦⬜🟥 French translation corrections by Geoffroy from Undercut Racing Team

✅ Subscription-locked settings values revised

  • Some settings that require higher subscription tiers did not have their locked values set
  • The following settings are now Off until unlocked:
    • Projected Finish Position
    • Pit Speed Approacher -> Audible in pit lane
    • Class Leader Launch
    • Headwind Alert

✅ Loading speech grammar later when joining a sim session

  • Some grammars weren't loaded properly if DRE was started before the sim session

✅ Crash: When disk for caching speak is out of space

  • Prevented crash
  • Log warning will now display more details about space available, and further instructions how to deal with it

✅ Incorrect Lap time

  • Cases where the lap time milliseconds part was above 970, the milliseconds would be rounded up and converted to "point 1"
  • Now DRE tells the full milliseconds like "point 9 7 6"

✅ Critical failure with missing speech DLL file while starting DRE viewing Sounds page

✅ Lap Times Analytics

Lap Times Graph:

  • Stints now start from 1 instead of 0
  • The X axis tries to follow your run laps instead of hooking onto the driver with the most laps driven
  • New laps run from class leader, driver ahead and behind now refreshes the graph as well


Beta time! 🙌

The first Beta release of 2023.1 is here. I'm satisfied with the low amount of bugs and low severity in the latest Alpha updates, which to me indicates it's time to put this monster into Beta. This also marks 2023.1 feature complete and from here on it's about fixing issues and improving translations.

I will dedicate my available remaining time to work on new features for 2024.1 release - you can look forward to those!

Happy racing 🏎️

🔄 App house-cleaning

  • Removed the Sound -> Signals view as the settings are available in other places
  • Improved readability of the Changelog page
  • Added subscription tier overview directly on Account page to easier upgrade your subscription
  • Volume Threshold slider for detecting teammates speaking in other apps (like Discord) is now corrected to be available for Performance or higher to align with Features vs Pricing

✅ Stopping Delta Wave did not fully stop the signal

✅ Could not HandleURLSchemaData

  • With Run on Startup and Start Minimized enabled, this would cause an error on Windows Startup

✅ Missing AbbrevName in iRacing session info YAML caused DRE to not load

✅ A few bugs caught by the internal bug tracker


⭐ Speech Recognized confirmation signal

  • Hear a subtle confirmation of your voice command recognized
  • The sound is a short high-pitched beep with short flutter
  • Enabled by default. To disable it go to Sound -> App Sound -> Speech Recognized

✅ Yellow flag detection

  • Slow cars offtrack ahead would be detected but immediately cleared

✅ Heat Racing gridding duration

  • Previously all gridding durations were 120 seconds
  • Now, Heat races (heats, consolidation, feature) are 60 seconds

✅ First time pressing a button after mapping, it doesn't work

  • After binding a controller button, DRE would not intercept the very first press
  • Now, happily accept hits from the get-go

✅ Start Delta Timing command did not work

✅ Set an alarm command did not call when time was up due to formatting error

✅ Pronouncing 3-digit decimals is now done "digit-by-digit"

  • 5.426 is now read out five point four two six instead of five point fourhundredth and twentysix
  • This should be slightly quicker and easier to comprehend

✅ 'DRE' pronounced as Dr. E by French Christophe

  • While it sounded cool, we better teach him a lesson

✅ French pronouns always masculine

  • In French, the possessive noun's gender and personNumber affects the pronoun but isn't factored into the DRE logic as it is a crazy complex project.
  • Going forward, the masculine variant is always used
  • Revision of this depends on demand

✅ 4 Italian translations proofed

✅ Non-English voices used same speaks with digits across English -> non-English domains

  • Eg. Christophe's "9" generated during French app localization would always be spoken in French, despite app localization set to English later on

✅ A few bugs caught by the internal bug tracker


✅ Fanatec Wheel did not fully load the persisted binding nor used it correctly

✅ Legacy commands port

  • Missing translations
  • Wizard speech recognition calibration command matches
  • Parsed for outdated/missing data values in speaks


✅ Auto Fuel overriding caused repeating alert

  • Now DRE only alerts you the first time you (or iRacing) alter the fuel set for the pit stop
  • The logic is reset once your leave pits
  • Added info log when Auto Fuel is enabled both in iRacing and DRE and what to do about it. You can run with both but note that

✅ Enforced updates of some variables needed to determine the session duration type (lap, time, or both) before they are used

  • This should help Lap+Time based races

✅ Fixed issue with Warm-ups between heats, that were considered Race sessions. These should now be a Practice

✅ Fanatec Wheel did not fully load the persisted binding nor used it correctly

✅ Checkered Flag alert in races now waits triggering until 75 meters before the checkered

  • Taking time to generate the alert into account, the alert will likely sound around crossing S/F

✅ Missing tire compound types in voice commands for all languages

✅ A few bugs caught by the internal bug tracker


✅ Issue with no response from DRE due to Talking over itself fix in 2023.1.2.2

✅ Fanatec Wheel buttons could not persist across DRE sessions if the wheel had multiple internal USB devices

  • This fix likely requires re-binding of Fanatec wheel buttons
  • If you do not have a Fanatec wheel, there should be no changesl

✅ Further missing scenarios with fuel usage accumulated during invalid laps

✅ Clearing own local translations after a DRE update would not clear the French ones

✅ Some bugs caught by the internal bug tracker


✅ Restoration of faulty DLC DLLs improved

✅ Session duration of time AND lap based races during gridding

  • DRE would force the laps left to the laps set, and not check the session time
  • Now, the session's time is factored in to estimate the session laps left
  • This issue only happened during gridding (get in car, parade laps, and warm-up states)

✅ Speech that would have their values updated would instead stop any current speech

  • For example, if gridding alert triggered, any current speech would cancel
  • This happened because gridding alert had been told to remove any current speech not in the same gridding alert category
  • Now DRE correctly checks to only remove speech in the same category

✅ Missing driver identification in commands would block recognition

  • Changing servers and drivers grammars reload.
  • Here somewhere, the driver's name or number is not ready when DRE creates the grammar. For example, "last lap time for car 5" and the "5" hasn't been set yet
  • DRE now omits those grammar phrases that have no dynamic value in them

✅ Talking over itself

  • Attempts have been made to prevent DRE from talking over itself
  • This happened at rare occasions of split-second double triggering of new speech from the speech queue

✅ Some bugs caught by the internal bug tracker


🔄 First batch of user translation edits of Italian and French

🔄 Moved remaining commands from old legacy VoiceAttack data type

  • Effort to port over logic for commands and align the code to newer standards
  • A few bugs of missing values were caught in the process
  • Nothing should change on your side when using DRE, but if something starts being wrong with certain commands, please let me know at

🔄 Player lap times used for session and fuel calculations changed

  • Some issues identified at the initial laps at session start and after pitting, causing unusual high average lap times.
  • Switch to newer "ValidLapTimes" array containing only valid lap times (no cautions, pitting events) will now improve the data foundation for calculations.
  • Previously any lap time above 5 seconds was deemed valid. No more I say!
  • At the start of a session before solid laps have been completed, DRE now relies way more on known fastest lap times in your class from previous server sessions (practice and qual if available), as well as a "EstLapTime" provided by iRacing.
  • DRE then gradually accepts new driven lap times in the current session and assigns more weighting to them the further into the session we are

✅ Fuel usage accumulated during invalid laps

  • This would show high fuel/lap levels for the first laps and affect following fuel calculations

✅ French localization issues

✅ Restored logic to improve single decimal values speech flow

  • For example '45.6 degrees' now rolls of DRE's tongue more flowing and quickly

✅ Speech splits in sentences could sometimes chop a word in two

  • This could happen to a word like "racers" if a previous word like "race" existed and was marked as "non-dynamic"

✅ Improved data resets between heat racing heats, consolidations, and feature races

  • Now it should be similar to going from qual to race

✅ Improved data resets in AI moving backwards in sessions

  • Like going from Race back to Qual, would previously not fully reset data and logic

✅ Set tire pressures command would loop

✅ Opponents were showing on Pit Exit Window Graph during Lone-Quals

✅ A good amount of bugs caught by the internal bug tracker


French added

⭐ 🔵⚪🔴 Bonjour les sim-racers! 🔵⚪🔴

  • French added as language to DRE
  • All speaks and commands have been machine translated to French (France)
  • French voice, Christophe has been added for French (and English with French accent)
  • To change your DRE to French, go to Settings -> General -> App -> Language and use the selector to change to French (fr-FR)

🔄 Batch-edit translations via Google Sheets

Along with the localization addition for our French-speaking friends, I've moved away from using CrowdIn. The reason is that it would become increasingly expensive with the added languages and new localizable parts of DRE, like App UI text and help documentation. Instead, I've made DRE Localization Google Sheet:

  • Contains all template localizations for every available language in the app (plus Danish for internal dev testing purposes)
  • Uses bottom tab sheets to distinguish between DRE speaks, and user voice command phrases
  • Glossary: Learn all about tags, modifiers, operators and conditionals used in DRE texts

The process is as follows:

  1. You edit one or more texts in cells for a language in the spreadsheet
  2. Before every major (and possible minor) DRE update, I will merge and sync changes between in-app edits, Google Sheet and local development resources.
  3. DRE will then include your updated translations

This article about How To Translate DRE has been refreshed with the latest changes

✅ A haul of bugs caught by the internal bug tracker

🐛 Known Issues

  • In French, the possessive noun's gender and personNumber affects the pronoun but isn't factored into the logic yet. For now, the masculine variant is always used

Found a bug? Make a ticket in DRE Discord -> Support -> #issues


✅ Controller optimizations

  • Shortened time it takes to scan for controllers (wheel, button boxes), and to acquire and start polling devices attached
  • Improved re-scan upon multiple controllers being added
  • Fixed USB hub plug in not detected with multiple devices attached
  • Fixed issue of not finding the controller after previously disconnecting and reconnecting it
  • Fixed issue where DRE wasn't restoring some states when the controller device caused exceptions

✅ Start Minimized would not always abide

✅ A haul of bugs caught by the internal bug tracker


🔄 Lowered default Average Lap Time Laps from 10 to 8

  • This is done to let session laps calculation be slightly more responsive to changes
  • Consider lowering this value from 10 yourself in Performance -> Lap -> Average Lap Time Laps

✅ Server change did not reload some grammar

  • This issue caused Command Binds to not working, potentially other situations as well

✅ Loading DLC dynamic libraries would not always load them in

  • DRE now explicitly tries to load these after DLC download has completed

✅ Changing custom command from triggering keybind to a phrase, or vice versa

  • Now DRE allows you to change the action it takes (keybind to press or phrase to execute on) when triggering the custom command you have added

✅ A chunk of bugs caught with the internal bug tracker


🔄 Fuel Calculation is now slightly more responsive to increased fuel usage

  • Previously, DRE would be slower at adapting to higher usage in races
  • Now, it follows increased fuel usage per lap more tightly than before
  • This still factors in the Fuel Average Mode settings, but also allows for responsiveness when fuel is higher than the averages calculated

🔄 Gridding speaks before races have been optimized

  • Trimmed and cut down on bloating speech that had little value or importance.
  • About 25-30% has been removed compared to before
  • About 25-30% has been removed compared to before
  • Re-ordered the types of speech to a more natural flow
  • Prevented second "green flag"


✅ A few bugs caught with the internal bug tracker


🔄 Drive bind in iRacing -> Control Assignments has been properly renamed to Enter/Exit/Tow Car to match the name in iRacing

✅ Controllers/Wheel encoders/dials/turns/knobs utilizing buttons to increment and decrement steps when turning them would not capture all steps

  • Previously if you quickly pushed a button 3 times rapidly, DRE might only have captured one, or even none of the pushes
  • Now DRE keeps better track of what happened between its checks and relays the pushes that happened in between

✅ Gender Override selector now enforces your preferred gender in DRE speaks

✅ Fanatec Wheel binding issues with DLL load

✅ Ported fixes from 2022.3.5

✅ Lots of bugs caught with the internal bug tracker


⭐ Damage Report Bind & Voice Command

  • You can now verbally ask DRE to trigger the sim to give you a damage report
  • Set a bind in Controls -> iRacing -> Other Controls -> Damage Report (bind must match the bind in iRacing Controls)
  • Speak any of the following commands to trigger this in the sim:
    Give me a damage report
    Give me a damage status
    Have I got damage
    Do I/we have damage
    What's the/my/our car damage

⭐ Rogue Alerts Covered

  • Efforts to regulate previously rogue verbal alerts have resulted in the introduction of several new options (all of which are enabled by default):
    • Settings -> General -> App -> App Start Greet - Allows DRE to greet you upon startup
    • Sound -> Input -> Ready To Listen - Hear when DRE has finished loading all speech recognition grammar and is ready to listen to your voice inputs
    • Car -> Modes -> New Car Requested - Hear when the sim resets your car to a brand new state
    • Session -> Events -> General -> Session Joined - Provides an audio summary of the joined session information, such as the number of cars that have joined and the amount of time remaining. This toggle now also keeps session change alerts on a short leash
    • Session -> Events -> General -> Session Checkered - Hear when the checkered flag is waved in the session
    • Session -> Events -> General -> Rating Gain Position - Hear what position in the session is required to equal or gain iRating
    • Session -> Race -> Before -> Next Race - Let DRE inform you about upcoming races and their registered number of drivers
    • Session -> Race -> Gridding -> Get In Car - Hear a summary of the upcoming qual or race session
    • Session -> Race -> Gridding -> Get Ready - Hear when the race is about to start, or start rolling off. This is triggered as the pace car is about to move from the grid, or for standings starts, when the starting lights appear
    • Session -> Race -> Post-Race -> Race Summary - Hear a summary of your race performance, the safety rating and iRating changes

⭐ Allow Alerts - Master toggle (a.ka. questions-only mode)

  • Use this toggle to stop DRE from speaking unless you ask it something
  • When this toggle is set to disabled, alert toggle texts will have strike-through along with a reasoning tooltip when hovered:

Alerts displayed with strike-through

✅ Ghost driving in pitlane immediately triggers Pit Speeding

  • Some values were not parsed during spectating and ghost racing

✅ DRE now supports swapping Fanatec Wheels on more wheel-bases:

  • 'FANATEC Wheel' - already supported
  • ClubSport Wheel Base (V1/V2/V2.5)
  • CSL Elite Wheel Base
  • Podium Wheel Base (DD1/DD2)
  • CSL DD
  • GT DD Pro
  • Any missing? Let me know in the Wheel Specific PTT Discord thread

✅ YouTube video titles were missing on Dashboard as well as blog and YouTube headlines

✅ A few fixes to bugs caught in the internal bug tracker


🔄 DRE now supports swapping Fanatec Wheels on wheel-bases

  • DRE will now fetch the Fanatec wheel name, wheel type, product id and more to identify and distinguish between different wheels on bases
  • Rebinds are necessary to fetch the information about the Fanatec Wheel
  • Experimental support, so give feedback in the Wheel Specific PTT thread

✅ A few fixes to bugs caught in the internal bug tracker


⭐ Looking Ahead

  • DRE now check for imminent overtakes about to happen
  • If that's so, DRE won't start telling you about non-spotter alerts, but waits until the pass has been completed, or pass is no longer imminent
  • Furthermore, the sound mix will slightly muffle just leading up to overtakes
  • This allows for better auditory clearance around critical overtaking
  • This opens up for more rapid overtake alert and signals in the future (can we even surpass iRacing's default?!)

⭐ Added Share Racing Data toggle in Settings -> Sim Connection

  • Enabled by default
  • Keep this enabled to share your racing data, like tire and fuel data with all other DRE users for a mutual benefit.
  • The data sent is averaged into existing data, improving on the data foundation for fuel, tire calculations, and more.
  • Disable this if you do not want to share your data. You will still benefit from the data shared by others.

🔄 Proximity Alert improvements

  • When on or off the track, DRE will now use the striking time until the edge of the first opponent car meets up with your edge
  • Previously the alert used relative time, which did not take into account the speed of yourself.
  • Factoring in your own speed adjusts the actual gap in the traffic coming up, to give a more true answer
  • The 'On Track Proximity' alert now makes sure additional opponents approaching behind the first one are in fact quicker than you. This means there might be 10 behind you, but only 3 of them are about to pass you, while you're battling with the remaining 7. In the past DRE would call out up to all 10, while it should now mention the 3.

🔄 Changes to the License / Terms of Conditions for using DRE

  • Apart from a few wording mistakes, changes include this bit to better match the scope of DRE 2023.1 and forward:

🔄 Set Mute DRE when busy to only run on road sessions by default

  • This change only takes effect if you install DRE the first time, or reinstall from fresh
  • Adjust this setting in Sound -> Busy Detection -> Mute DRE when busy

🔄 More silent time after interrupting alerts

  • After critical situations like overtake, DRE now await slightly longer before speaking non-spotter alerts
  • The actual waiting time now depends on how many other alerts are lined up in the say queue, but it ranges between 3.5 to 7.5 seconds, up from 3 seconds before this change
  • This allows auditory clearance for more critical alerts in this longer gap, as the overtaking might not be done done

✅ Subsequent sentences in alerts after a period were held by Busy Detection

  • Only the very first sentence part should wait, so when that starts playing, all other in that same alert should be allowed through
  • This intended behavior is now (back) in place

✅ Smoother and cleaner relative timing between player and opponents

  • This helps smoothen the Delta Wave sounds, that could have been juddering earlier

✅ Class Consistency Graph did not refresh when non-player lap times updated

✅ Capturing fuel on each lap did not occur

  • At the beginning of races, the sim could potentially not trigger a new lap event
  • When finally acknowledging new laps a few laps later, this led to DRE adding up the fuel used from the beginning
  • DRE now attempts to detect this and take appropriate action

✅ Delta Wave stuck

  • Fixed situations where Delta Wave Signal was frozen, or stuck, in the same state:
    • Sudden sim exit
    • Sudden session change (eg. qual to race while driving, AI race -> race start)
    • Player exiting the car to garage with Delta Wave Mode set as opponent-based

✅ End of gridding produces ´None´

  • Now DRE will say Gridding done or similar

✅ Class Consistency Graph only updated when the class leader crosses the S/F

✅ App tooltips displayed text in one line only


🔄 40% reduction of DRE speech mid-sentence splitting

  • Previously a sentence like P1 for number 10 last lap would resolve in DRE splitting into P1, for number, 10, last lap and speak those in succession
  • This meant savings on number of necessary TTS generations, but at the same time uneven intonation and pitch
  • Now, DRE refrains from splitting on digits less than 50, so in our example, the sentence will be kept as one
  • This results in more fluid and natural speech from the Neural voices, whilst making sure any digits above 50 won't let DRE split to generate TTS and spiral out of control

🔄 Added Show my position as an alias for the black box navigate left command

  • This way the Black Box Standings tab will scroll to your position

🔄 Expanded voice commands for controlling Delta Bar

  • Now you can further specify delta tab commands using delta bar ... and delta tab... where before it was purely delta...
  • Also, resolved duplicated delta last lap and delta best lap commands, so they correctly changes the delta bar instead of telling you the last/best delta lap times to yourself. To instead hear those, use delta last lap time and delta best lap time or their variations

🔄 Improved name splitting to support filtering out prefixes (eg. Mr. and Herr), middle names and suffixes (eg. Jr. and Sr.)

✅ Restored logic to make DRE correctly say "sec", "minute", "wind", "iRacing" and "DRE"

✅ Track State changes was favored for the initial New Lap Info Alert

✅ Some names with accented characters or diacritics was not allowed, so they were cut off

✅ Heat racing's warmups before feature races was not regarded as practice

  • This meant hearing DRE cheering for your race result at the end of the warmup, which is a bit odd, yeah


🔄 Changed Tire Wear Graph to display Laps for its X-axis

  • Previously, run laps were used (subtracting the starting lap)

✅ Tire data wasn't updating on the tire wear graph

✅ Pit repair alerts could not trigger or spammed

  • Also rounded repair time left to nearest 5 seconds
  • Added 90 seconds left trigger point

✅ Failure in parsing speech would create more trouble than needed

✅ Verb subject components like 're did not attach to the subject

  • This meant you would hear and see sentences like Team Jordan 're car number 18 where the 're should have attached to Jordan

✅ Asking Interval ahead/behind would often lead to a ahead-only response

✅ Asking Tire laps left now also specifies the limiting tire

✅ Pace car in before start of race did not trigger the alert

✅ Plugging in new USB controller after a previous controller was unplugged, would not always restart controller polling

✅ A few bugs from the internal bug tracker


🔄 New Lap Info: Fuel Laps Left now included when fuel fill left is negative and close to 0

  • This change means DRE will tell you about the laps left of fuel, even if there's more fuel in the tank than needed to complete the session
  • The threshold was changed from 0L to fill to -2L, to include when on the good side but close to having to stop again

✅ Custom commands made in the running DRE session are not available to speak

✅ Making a correction to a localized string would not properly save

✅ Optional Pit Repairs only heard the first time

✅ App theme Dusk had some bad color contrasts

  • Improved general legibility across all app color themes
  • Improved text on Fuel Laps Graph

✅ A few bugs from the internal bug tracker


✅ Some voice commands kept new lines when loading in

  • This made it impossible to speak those variations to DRE

✅ Weighted randomization of DRE speech variations caused template to be spoken by DRE

✅ Low Safety Driver Alerts end was cut off

✅ Asking for tire's lap age would result in a float number like 3 point 1 4 5 9 ...


✅ Crash/Freeze from qual -> race where the session changes from gridding to parade laps

  • Issue was caused by the random selection of DRE speech that was looping indefinitely

✅ A few bugs from the internal bug tracker


🔄 Tire Wear Graph has had some 🥰

  • Fixed issue where Tire Wear Graph would show bad tire data
  • Fading out tire wear texts the further back in history
  • Updating graph lines quicker during pit stops (with and without tire changes)

🔄 Proximity Alert Offtrack filters out stopped cars

  • When off-track and cars just behind you are slower than you, DRE will not mention these drivers
  • This makes for a clearer picture of who's really approaching you

🔄 Less memory allocations - less UI stalls

✅ A few issues with reconnections to new sim servers

  • Also, sped up cleaning of old voice input speech grammar from the previous session

✅ Crash or fail when on Analytics->Tires view while requesting a new car in sim

✅ Crash from retrieving Dashboard news posts without viewing the Dashboard page


⭐ Check out the latest DRE news from Dashboard

News posts

🔄 Dashboard now automatically displays new videos from DRE's YouTube channel

🔄 Optimized DRE speech variations

  • Reduced the number of possible variations for DRE to speak, while keeping the natural variation.
  • This improves performance and prevents CPU bottle-necking for e.g. position and proximity alerts
  • Furthermore, integrity checks have been run on all voice speech grammar and output speaks to ensure they fulfill the logic rules

🔄 Updated libraries used for neural speech

  • Also trimmed to using only necessary ones, meaning 30% less downloads

🔄 Inspecting voice command phrases now resolve their dynamic variables

Resolved dynamic variables

  • Previously, you would only see
  • Now, dynamic variables resolve to e.g. is including their nouns, helping verbs, etc.
  • Furthermore, the dynamic variables are also localized

🔄 Improved DLC download retries

  • In case of outages, DRE now better handles backup locations for downloading files necessary for DRE to operate

🔄 App window now sets its determine size and position before opening up

  • Previously, it would default it to a location and then move and resize to the last stored location

🔄 Fuel and Timing no longer rely on player's last-to-fastest ratio but instead on last-to-median ratio times

  • This allows more off-pace laps to be included in time and fuel calculations
  • Prevents complete blockage on longer tracks with lots of traffic

✅ Ported changes from 2022.3.4.14 & 2022.3.4.15

✅ Fuel calculations were blocked from changing in the initial laps due to a faulty condition

✅ Binding commands with special characters fails

✅ Inspecting commands from global search would crash the app

✅ Proximity Alert could trigger on some drivers if they were close time-wise but not distance-wise

  • No matter the time interval, they must now be within 500 meters of the player's car

✅ In-App Translation Editor does not translate with DeepL

  • Issue caused by special characters in the source text like brackets

✅ Random, High memory allocation of about 1GB using speech recognition


✅ New Lap Info: Stint Laps Completed had no value

✅ Ported changes from 2022.3.4.12 & .13

✅ A few bugs from the internal bug tracker


🔄 App Updates

Check on Startup toggle added

  • Added new toggle Check On Startup to let you unhook to DRE updates
  • Automatic Updates toggle renamed to Download Updates Automatically

✅ Ported changes from 2022.3.4.10 and 2022.3.4.11

✅ Radio was sometimes stuck open after speech ended

✅ Position At Checkered

  • Value is seen in Analytics -> Pit -> Position At Checkered
  • Faulty calculation caused doubled gap between drivers and the overall leader. This skewed the calculations further
  • Pit stops left for the player has been improved

✅ Analytics Fuel Graph conversions when using English (USA) units

✅ Auto Fuel check value was affected by sim and car's units

  • DRE reads the black box fuel value when checking if it needs to auto-fuel.
  • this telemetry value was thought to always be in liters, but it's in fact affected by the display units and the type of car
  • The effect of this issue was multiple subsequent "auto fuel" alerts and adjustments
  • Now, DRE should only re-auto fuel if the value to be filled differs from the set amount

✅ Command What lap is this could not be triggered

✅ Sound engine data wasn't even length and could not expand

✅ Missing Italian pronouns for singular third person

✅ Italian alert when announcing server change, could not properly structure the sentence including the track name

✅ A few bugs from the internal bug tracker


🔄 Fuel Calculations respond quicker to using less fuel

  • This change affects mostly the initial race laps where solid fuel data is sparse
  • DRE now rates lower fuel usage per lap higher, if it's less fuel/lap than its internal smoothed average value
  • This means you should quicker get a solid fuel foundation

✅ Ported changes from 2022.3.4.9

✅ Mixed AI alert spam

  • Was caused by DRE repeatedly reconnecting to the sim server
  • Fix attempts to properly restore connection and gracefully check for data existence

✅ A few bugs from the internal bug tracker


✅ Air Pressure unit changed

  • iRacing changed the unit type from inches of Mercury (inHg), to Pascal (pa) in their 2023 Season 4 Patch 3
  • Logic to retrieve this value in DRE has now been adjusted
  • As usual, asking for this value returns two different units depending on the Display Units (English / Metric):
    • English: Bar
    • Metric: hPa

✅ Ported changes from betas

✅ A few bugs from the internal bug tracker


⭐ View Command Variations

  • In Commands view you will now find an option on each voice command to show all variations
  • It helps quickly getting an overview of the possibilities Command Variation Popup

🔄 Global Search polish

  • Less web results, as these now need to be closer to the search term to show up
  • Now if you click on a command in the search results, DRE will take you to that command in the Commands view
  • Play icon is now visible only on commands and only if these are directly possible to trigger (static commands only)
  • Command results show only their first grammar variation to minimize clutter. Clicking on the command takes you to Commands view to inspect more variations

✅ Login and authentication improvements

✅ Ported fixed from 2022.3.4.5, 2022.3.4.6

✅ Voice Commands like Admin add you and Camera on you

  • This has now swapped "you" to "me", so sentences are eg. Camera on me


🔄 Added Pit Exit Window Scan slider to Pit Exit Graph

  • This slider was already present in Car -> Proximity -> Misc but can now also be found underneath the Analytics -> Pit Exit graph, as well as in Pit -> Pit Lane -> Speeding

✅ Ported more fixes from beta 2022.3.4.4

✅ Special characters like 'ß' weren't properly stored in cache file names


✅ Ported more fixes from beta 2022.3.4.3

✅ Command How can we do it on x stops now support asking for increasing the number of stops

✅ Tutorial issues

  • The tutorial got stuck at various points
  • Ensured asking for data values actually responds with those before moving on with the tutorial

✅ Enqueueing two or more DRE output speaks at the same time could simply cancel the first one queued

✅ A few bugs from the internal bug tracker


✅ Latest fuel data wasn't used before the lap after

  • Fuel from the just completed lap was not included into calculation if that lap had any incidents (1x, 2x, 4x...).
  • Now, DRE instead checks if the lap was within 10% of the player's fastest lap time to determine if the fuel lap should be included in the calculation
  • This should let DRE react more to immediate fuel usage changes

✅ Starting DRE whilst on the Commands page resulted in some errors once DRE finished loading voice commands

✅ Ported fixes for bugs found in beta 2022.3.4.2

✅ Position-based grammar

  • Caused issues for Italian grammar

✅ A few bugs from the internal bug tracker


✅ Ported fixes from 2022.3.4.2

✅ Minor issues in translations

✅ Logging in could lead to purgatory states if one value was missing


⚡ New Major 2023.1 version with lots of new features

2023.1 is here and with it comes 3 major features:

🌍 Localizations

Sprichst du Deutsch? Parli l'italiano?

Thanks to the translating contributors (and GPT4 assistance), the first version of localizations have arrived to DRE: Italian and German are the initial languages with basic coverage: DRE output speaks and Command Phrases for voice inputs. As things progress, French, Portuguese, Spanish will be added later

There are still German and Italian strings to proofread and validate. More info

💡 Fuel Strategy

  • Master fueling for short and long races
  • Let DRE manage fueling across multiple stops

Fuel & Tire history and Pit Stop predictions have been added to DRE along with commands and alerts to guide you to optimized fuel & tire performance

Auto Fueling has had an overhaul with more safety and precision than before, now relying on the fuel strategies

📊️ Analytics

See your Lap Times, Fuel, Tire Wear and Next Pit Stop data as visual stats and graphs at DRE -> Analytics

Wait! Why add visuals to DRE? I thought DRE was all about sound?

In order for DRE to reach an understanding of racing strategies, data structures had to be prepared anyway. This made it rather simple to add graphs and visual statistics as the data was kind of already there. DRE is still first and foremost about communicating via sounds. You will be able to ask about and hear alerts for most of the new analytics in real-time.


⭐ New View: Analytics

This brand-new section of the DRE app will be the place for all pre- and post race statistics and analytics you need.

For this initial addition, you'll find valuable Lap Time, Fuel, Tire Degradation and Pit Stop statistic graphs and numbers.

Common for all live-statistics are that what ever is important for you to know about while racing, DRE will feature both verbal alerts and commands to request the information.

You can expect more features, graphs, alerts and commands in the future as DRE gets more knowledgeable about race strategies.

⭐ Lap Times Analytics

See past lap times presented in a graph to easily show any degradation of tires and driver performance. Lap Times comparison

The Lap Times graph shows plots from up to 4 drivers (you, class leader, opponents ahead & behind for position).

Use the graph after practice to quickly see roughly how long tires last before you need to change them, and spot yours and opponent tire drop-offs easily.

Use the Class Consistency graph to understand consistency among all drivers in your class. The tighter the vertical bar is, the more consistent the driver is.

⭐ Fuel Analytics

Added Fuel Stats tab to see past, current and future fuel trends:

Fuel Stats

  • History - Graphs show historic run data like:

    • Fuel used per lap
    • Average fuel usage per lap
    • Fuel Level Available
  • Current - Elements show real-time data such as:

    • Fuel Level
    • Fuel Needed & Fill
    • Session Time and Laps left
    • Fuel laps left
  • Predictions - Estimations of future usage

    • Fuel Strategy graph showing completed stints (Actual) and a fuel strategy (Early)
      • The "early" notation is due to the strategy choosing to pit as early as possible
      • The fuel strategy shows the current fuel window and subsequent full-tank pit stops
    • Pit Stops Left: How much to save/burn to bump number of stops
    • Available with Essentials subscription or higher
    • Expect this area to be improved over time with alternate strategies like optimal pitting laps accounting for tire deg, traffic, etc.

⭐ Tires Analytics

The Tire Deg graph shows your tire wear over running laps. It uses a naive and simple approach for calculation tire degradation, using only historic data presented in a linear relationship. While the approach will be expanded as more data is gathered, the current state of Tire Deg is already valuable to have to give a rough estimate of when tires need to be changed.

Tire Deg

The Tire Deg graph shows:

* Historic estimations of tire wear for each lap
* Measured tire wear (from when pitting with `Disk Telemetry Snapshots` enabled in the app)
* Predicted tire wear
* Critical Tire Wear lap indicated by axis lines (configure this threshold in `Performance -> Lap -> Critical Tire Wear`)

Pit Analytics

⭐ Overview of upcoming pit stops

Pit Analytics view

  • Stops Left
    • See how close you are to saving or extending a pit stop. Outer lower values indicate how much to save/burn per lap to reach this number of stops.
    • Value below the center indicates the number of full pit stops remaining, so 2.6 left, will be 3 stops where one needs just .6 (60%) of the available tank.
  • See the projected position after pitting and at checkered
    • Includes many factors like player and opponent fuel and pit stops left, pit lane and stop times, pace
  • See the due changes (and if they are active (highlighted), or disabled (grayed))
    • Fuel amount (with currently available space below in gray)
    • Tires
  • Learn time losses by pitting
    • Pit Lane Loss: Time lost purely by braking, accelerating and driving through the lane
    • Service Duration: Pure pit servicing time lost, taking the max of fuel filling time or tire changes, or the numbers added if the crew does both fuel and tires simultaneously. Value below in white indicates the duration if you were to pit right now, taking available fuel space into account.
  • Pit Exit Window
    • See where opponents will be at your pit exit, should you pit the next time around

The Pit Exit Window updates in real-time allowing you to see a clear view of the future: Pit Exit Window animation

Pit Exit Window explanation

⭐ Who's a pit exit? Ask which position you will return to after a pit stop

  • The response will tell you the estimated position and if any driver for position are within +/-75 meters
  • A subset of phrase examples: Who's near me after pitting, What's my position after the pit stop

⭐ Let DRE know you're pitting

  • Tell DRE you're about to pit on this lap
  • This gives DRE better time to tell you about pit stop info and potential traffic at exit, and remind you to pit just before pit entry
  • Use these phrases:
    • I'm boxing
    • I'm pitting
    • I'm pit stopping
    • I'm coming in for a pit stop
    • I'm making a pit stop
    • I'm coming in for a stop
    • I'm making a stop
    • Entering pits
    • Entering pitlane
    • Boxing now
    • Pitting now
    • Making a pit stop now


⭐ New View: Fuel

  • The fuel tab settings from Car -> Fuel has been moved into its own view and split into tabs to accomodate for more settings

⭐ Fuel calculations factor in splutter

  • It now takes into account the splutter level, where the car engine starts coughing / spluttering
  • The splutter level is currently being measured for each car and will update and improve precision over time.
  • You can help feed the machine by running out of fuel. This will submit the fuel remaining as the splutter level to the DRE database, sharing it with all DRE users

⭐ Fuel calculations factor in pit time losses

  • Time through pit lane is subtracted from the remaining racing time during time-based races
  • DRE adds duration for the following segment through a pit-cycle:
    • Pit entry braking
    • Pit lane driving
    • Pit stall braking
    • Fuel nozzle connection
    • Fueling
    • Pit stall acceleration
    • Pit exit acceleration

⭐ Fuel calculations factor in rolling starts

  • Fuel added to the total fuel needed amount:
    • For short parade laps 10% of the average fuel lap
    • For full parade laps 40% of the average fuel lap

⭐ Fuel calculations factor in cautions

  • During FCY / cautions, DRE will now freeze the fuel averages so they are not affected by the lowered fuel usage during cautions

⭐ Fuel Data Preservation

  • DRE will remember fuel data across sessions and servers when the car + track combo remains the same
  • This makes fuel calculations when gridding and the early laps way more stable and updated

⭐ Practice Fuel Preservation

  • Decide when fuel data is kept or reset during practice runs - sometimes you might want to reset the fuel
  • When enabled, fuel data is preserved across car resets from stint to stint during practice runs
  • Choose between None, Practice (regular practices), and Race Warmup (practices on a race server and regular practices when you are registered for a race)
  • Added setting in Fuel -> General -> Practice Fuel Preservation
  • Defaults to preserve fuel data both in Practice and Race Warmup

⭐ Fuel Buffer Modes

  • It's now possible to add a margin of fuel in both laps (like previously, in percentage of a lap (0 - 500%)) or defined by exact amount on liters
  • Adjust the mode and amounts in Fuel -> General -> Fuel Buffer
  • The previously named "Fuel Buffer" is now "Fuel Buffer Laps"
  • Defaults to 110% of a lap

⭐ New Lap Info: Fuel Target

  • Hear about your fuel target performance after crossing S/F
  • Fuel Target is the fuel used per lap compared to the fuel usage per lap to finish the race on this tank
  • Enable this to hear when fuel target changes
  • If you're close to hitting the fuel target (able to bring the car home on this tank) this will appear more often

⭐ Do I have enough fuel? New fuel command to ask if fuel is alright to the end

  • The response will tell you if you need additional fuel or are good to the end
  • It's similar to asking Fuel fill but this gives a clearer indication if you're good or not
  • Grammar: [Am I;Are we] [good;alright] [on;with] fuel;Do [we;I] have enough fuel

⭐ Can I pit? New fuel command to ask if or when you're inside the fuel window

  • The response will tell you if you can pit now and stay in the current pitting strategy.
  • DRE will tell you if you are or if not, how many laps to go
  • It'll also remind you how much to add at the stop
  • Grammar:
    • [[Are we;Am I] in;Is this] the[ fuel;] window;Can I [come in;[[take;do] the ;][pit;stop;pit stop]][ now;]
      • Examples: Are we in the fuel window, Am I in the window, Is this the fuel window, Can I come in now, Can I take the pit now, Can I pit, Can I do the pit stop
    • [When;Where] is the fuel window;When can I [come in for the;[[take;do] the;]] [pit;stop;pit stop];How long[ is [there;it];] until the fuel window[ opens;]
      • Examples: When is the fuel window, When can I come in for the stop, When can I come in for the pit stop, How long until the fuel window opens, How long is there until the fuel window

⭐ Are the opponents in the fuel window? Ask to find out!

  • New command to ask for any other driver's fuel window state
  • For now, this command logic only returns true when there's less estimated fuel to be filled than the current estimated available space
  • Uses grammar: {DD:Q:Be} in the[ fuel; pit;] window
  • Examples:
    • Is Verstappen in the fuel window
    • Is car 33 in the window

⭐ Should I save fuel to do 3 stops? New fuel command to ask how much fuel to save to do x-stops

  • The response will tell you how much fuel you need to save on every lap to do the requested total number of stops in the session
  • Grammar: [[How much[ fuel;] should I save;Should I save fuel] to make;How can [I;we] [do;achieve]][[ it [on;a]; a;] [1 stop;[2..30] stops][ strategy;];[ it a; a;] [2..30]-stopper]
    • Examples:
      • How much fuel should I save to make a 3-stopper
      • Should I save fuel to make 12 stops
      • How can I do 2 stops

⭐ New alert to tell you during practice or qual that fuel data is solid

  • As fuel data now gets carried over from sessions to the next, whenever a number of solid laps have been driven during practice (or qual if none in practice), DRE will now alert you that the fuel data is solid
  • You continue to improve on the data solidness as you drive
  • DRE determines the solidness from a couple of factors such as throttle percentage around the lap, offtracks, and if fuel history converges towards a narrow value range

⭐ We're now on a 3-stopper! New alert to tell you when you deviate from the current fuel stop strategy

  • This happens when the total stops in the session differ from the current ones in the main strategy
  • Toggle it in Pit -> Pit Stall -> Pit Stops Left

⭐ Auto Fuel Scenarios

New option in Fuel -> Auto Fuel to select when Auto Fuel should run. It's now possible to let DRE set fuel on pit lane entry. Choose either of, or both:

  • On Track: Similar to existing implementation. Conditions:

    • 0.1 - 10 laps of fuel to go, OR currently inside the fuel window
    • More than 1 lap to go in the session
    • More than 15 km completed in this session (changed to this to allow auto fuel on lap 1 of long tracks)
    • More than 0.5 total laps completed
  • Entering Pits: When you drive towards your pit stall on pit road

⭐ Auto Fuel uses the strategy fill amount

  • DRE now takes the fuel strategy into account and sets fuel based on the calculation of the upcoming pit stop.
  • In some race scenarios with multiple stops, the car can be filled with less than a full tank, as long as the stint ends with more than the critical fuel level.
  • The benefit of this is that the car carries less fuel during the stints and runs as light as possible.
  • Previously, DRE filled the maximum it could in the early stints carrying fuel needed only for the last stint.
  • A toggle has been added in Fuel -> General -> Maximize Fuel. Enable this to return to the previous logic, but DRE now defaults to using the Early Strategy fuel.
  • To hit the end fuel amount at the end of the session, the fill amount will likely jump up and down while driving. For this reason, only the initial auto fuel event now triggers an alert, while subsequent adjustments are silent.
  • This image shows the optimized fuel runs, which Auto Fuel follows. Notice the cycling amounts of pit stop fuel to be set (12, 14, 14, 13, 14 ...). Lighter fuel loads with Auto Fuel

⭐ Override Auto Fuel set

  • After DRE has set fuel using the Auto Fuel feature, you can now adjust the fuel in the black box without DRE forcing back its amount.
  • DRE will acknowledge your override with an alert
  • DRE will stay away from adjusting fuel for the pit stop until after the next pit stop

🔄 Projected Position factors in opponents still having to pit for fuel

  • When DRE calculates your position after pit exit and at checkered flag it now estimates and accounts for opponents still having to pit
  • It calculates the fuel still needed to be filled for the other drivers to finish and subsequently the pit time losses
  • Fuel estimations of opponents cars is an ongoing development, so expect improvements on this aspect in the future

🔄 Low Fuel Threshold is now Low Fuel Buffer

  • Instead of adding a specific amount of fuel specified in liters, you now specify a percentage to add on top of a full lap's fuel
  • Example:
    • 3L average fuel used per lap
    • Setting this Low Fuel Buffer to 10% -> 3.3 * 10% = 0.3L
    • Low Fuel Alert triggers when there's 3.3L liters left

🔄 Auto Fuel alerts mentions precise fill

  • Accounting for restricted fuel tank sizes and splutter levels, auto fuel now mentions the exact amount it'll fill at the stop

🔄 Fuel Average Modes allow for dynamic percentage

  • Previously, Top Burn 30%, Median 30%, Stint Top Burn 30% and Stint Median 30% options were locked at 30%
  • Now you can adjust these with the Percentage of laps slider appearing
  • Defaults to 30%

🔄 Fuel data is now more quickly available during practice, qual, gridding and pace laps

  • The data has been improved to filter out data from laps with in-optimal driving (coast laps, laps with offtracks or incidents, or highly fluctuating fuel usage)
  • When enabled, DRE retrieves the fuel amount from the car setup to create a more reliable fuel load and usage (disable this in iRacing's App.ini -> irsdkLogSetup = 0)

✅ Auto Fuel now takes care of edge cases on long tracks where fuel tank covers less than 2 laps from the start


⭐ Tire Wear Predictions

DRE will collect and re-use historic tire wear data to estimate current and future tire health. This is done on a car+track basis, allowing combos to have unique tire wear signatures. The prediction uses linear tire wear degradation and is for now quite naive. During cautions, DRE accounts for less tire thread usage. Expect more features going forward as more data is collected covering different weather and track states (rain?!). Feel free to help out by enabling Disk Telemetry Snapshots in the app.

⭐ Tire Wear Critical Alert

New verbal alerts lets you know when you absolutely need to get fresh rubber. The alert tells you which of your tires are critical

  • You can customize the alert tire wear threshold in Performance -> Lap -> Critical Tire Wear
  • Set to 0 to disable the alert
  • Defaults to 5% tire left

⭐ Tire Laps command

  • Returns the number of laps completed since the car's last tire change.
  • Opponents' last tire change capture are updated when either:
    • DRE detects pit tire compound for the driver is changed
    • a pit stop takes place that takes at least the time to do 4 tires (Got a better idea? Let me know)
  • For the player, DRE has tire change data for every tire and keeps track of this
  • Phrase examples:
    • {Driver's} laps on tire set
    • {Driver's} laps on tires
    • {Driver's} tire laps completed
    • {Driver's} tire age completed
    • {Driver's} tire laps
    • {Driver's} tire age
    • How many laps have {Driver's} tires done
    • How old are {Driver's} tires

⭐ Tire Laps Left command

  • Tells you an estimate of opponent tire laps remaining until the critical tire wear threshold, or if asking about your own tires, DRE tells you in details about the tire laps left
  • Phrase examples:
    • My tire laps left
    • Verstappen tire laps remaining
    • Verstappen laps left for the tires
    • Verstappen laps remaining for the tires
    • Verstappen laps left in the tires
    • Verstappen laps remaining in the tires
    • Tire laps left for me
    • Tire laps remaining for Verstappen
    • When is Verstappen pitting for new tires
    • When are we stopping for tires
    • When is Verstappen due for a tire change
    • When do I need to pit for new tires

⭐ Tire Total Laps command

  • Tells you the total laps the tire with the highest degradation can do, until it reaches the critical tire wear threshold
  • Phrase examples:
    • My total tire laps
    • Total tire laps for Verstappen
    • How many laps can Verstappen's tires do
    • How long do my tires hold up

Other Commands

⭐ Remaining time on the running timer

  • If you've started a timer using the command Set a timer for x minutes, you can now request the remaining time
  • Use these phrases:
    • What's the remaining time on the timer
    • How much time is left on the timer
    • What's left on the timer
    • [Can you ;]give me an update on the timer
    • Update me on the timer

⭐ Lap times of the cars around you, in both directions

  • Hear the previous lap times of the cars ahead and behind you, for position or on track
  • Uses the grammar: [Previous;Last] lap[ time[s;];] [[ahead;in front] and behind;around][ me; us;][ on track;]
  • Use these phrases (not exhaustive):
    • Last lap times ahead and behind me on track
    • Last lap around me
    • Previous lap time ahead and behind
    • Previous lap around us on track

⭐ Hosted/AI Admin Grid Commands

  • Two new commands for administrating hosted and AI sessions have been added
  • Admin [start;end] grid ends gridding prematurely and goes to initiating pace car or start lights sequence
  • Admin [extend;set] grid time to [1..10] [minute;minutes] extends gridding time with N minutes
  • To use these and other admin commands, enable them from Sound -> Recognition -> Dynamic Grammar -> Use Admin Recognition

⭐ Mute DRE

  • A command and a bind have been added to control muting of all DRE speech and signals.
  • Bind: DRE -> 'Toggle Mute DRE'
  • Voice grammar: [Toggle ;][Un;]mute [DRE;master]
    • Examples Mute DRE Toggle mute master Unmute DRE

⭐ Adjust DRE volume

  • A command and a bind have been added to adjust all DRE speech and signals volumes in 10% increments.
  • This affects the volume of the app as seen in the Windows Sound Mixer
  • Bind: DRE -> 'DRE Master Volume Inc/Dec'
  • Voice grammar: DRE [master ;][volume;sound;audio][ level;]
    • Examples Set DRE master volume up Decrease DRE master volume Increase DRE sound

⭐ Command Bind repeating executions

  • It's now possible to repeat a command via a bind
  • Simply append an asterix and an integer like "[REPEATS]" (e.g. `12`) at the end of the Command Bind to repeat it when pressing the button
  • When using the repeater option, DRE will only speak the initial execution and not the repeats
  • Example: increase fuel mix*12 will run "increase fuel mix" 12 times

Repeating command binds

🔄 Expanded tires only command with specific corners

  • Now it's possible to define the tires to be changed, thus toggling OFF the other ones
  • Uses grammar: [Change ;][[front;rear;left;right] ;]tires only;[Change ;]only [[front;rear;left;right] ;]tires
  • Use these phrases (not exhaustive):
    • tires only
    • only tires
    • Change left tires only
    • front tires only
    • only left tires

🔄 Sim to DRE elevation inequality

  • When the sim is elevated (admin mode) and DRE is not, DRE will now inform you in the log when things can't be executed due to missing elevation
  • This covers sending text to the chat, key presses, focusing the sim, and changing radio frequencies
  • To elevate DRE, or to lower elevation on the sim from admin mode, see this FAQ

✅ Commands not loading when iRacing is elevated (admin mode)


⭐ Pit Exit Congestion

  • Shortly before pitting, this alert will be triggered by:
    • You confirming pitting using the I'm pitting command
    • Or, if this is the last lap of fuel
  • The alert will tell you the estimated position you'll re-enter in and if any driver for position are within +/-75 meters
  • This is the same info as manually commanding Who's near me after pitting

🔄 Projected Finish Position

  • Now uses median lap times instead of a mix between median and average times
  • This looks more at current performance and avoids factoring in past mistakes
  • Therefore, this shows more of the potential end position if you stay clean keep consistent

🔄 Sector Drop Off focusing non-traffic driving

  • Previously DRE would complain about sector times dropping off even if you were in traffic
  • Now, DRE only check for drop off if the past 5 runs through the sector have been without traffic
  • Traffic thresholds at the sector checks are:
    • Ovals: +/- 0.15 sec
    • Road: +/- 0.6 sec

🔄 Blue Flag optimizations

  • DRE now takes into account if the lapping car approaching from behind is actually faster than you
  • Also, there's now a 10 seconds cool down between each call

🔄 Race checkered flag session state removed

  • A suggestion to remove this alert, as the player already gets a checkered flag alert.
  • The removed alert is for when the overall leader takes the flag and is now gone

🔄 Briefer speaks - short and concise

  • DRE now has a natural tendency to pick shorter and more concise speaks over longer ones when randomizing between them

🔄 Overtake Alert (Spotter) responds quicker

  • Improvements to the logic has resulted in more rapid verbal spotting

🔄 Class Leader Launch RPM changes

  • Turned down 3dB to align with other signals
  • Prevented it from triggering mid-way through a race, where the pace car would subtly move slightly and cross the pit exit line (Looking at you Spa)
  • The signal is now heard a bit earlier even before the pace car enters pit road, as it is now tied up to the GreenHeld session flag

Proximity Alerts

⭐ Proximity Offtrack Wait

  • When going offtrack, you can now adjust the time to wait before checking for cars approaching
  • Keep the value...
    • Low to get immediate feedback
    • High to avoid getting feedback from brief offtracks
  • The setting slider can be found in Car -> Proximity -> Player Offtracks -> Offtrack Wait
  • Defaults to 1.2 seconds (previously hardcoded to 2 seconds)

🔄 Proximity Alert code logic improvements

  • This allows DRE to mention if there are different types of proximity alerts happening at the same time
  • For example, an opponent could be exiting pits while you're being overtaken by a faster car from behind
  • With this improvement, DRE will now mention both types

🔄 Proximity Alert when opponents or player exit pits

  • Overhaul of logic for when you leave the pits, or opponents leave the pits.
  • You only hear the alert now if both you and the other driver(s) is schedule to arrive at a pit exit rendezvous point at the same time
  • There's a small leniency of +/- 1.3 seconds by default. Customizable with Car -> Proximity -> Misc -> Pit Exit Window Scan
  • The result is that DRE lets you focus only on cars you are expected to meet up with

✅ Proximity Alerts would spam cars approaching behind on track and exiting pits

Speech Recognition

⭐ Italian and German grammar phrases

You can now speak Italian and German to DRE. In order to speak other languages than English do the following: 1) Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Windows Speech Recognizer for the language you want 2) Start DRE and head to Settings -> General -> App -> Language and choose your language 3) The app automatically restarts to load in the localized grammar phrases 4) You can now say eg. "Gutentag, DRE", or "Boun Giorno, DRE" and use your language to speak to DRE

🔄 Input device selection now supports Default Communication Device

  • Similar to selecting the "Default" option, this tracks whatever Windows has currently set the Default Communication Device as

✅ Holding PTT and releasing would stay on

  • If user held any keyboard bind (not controllers), and if user spoke a command that fired a keybind to the sim, this new key combo would conflict with the PTT bind and not send any key to the sim, nor would it release PTT again

✅ Commands with dictation

  • A few command variations like Remember me to ... that allow for dictation weren't properly created on startup


⭐ Italian and German speaks

  • Hallo, Fahrer! - Buon giorno, signore!
  • DRE now speaks in German and Italian
  • Change the language via Settings -> General -> App -> Language
  • The two languages added bring along a couple of new Neural Voices as well:
  • These voices may be used while the app runs English, providing strong English accents

⭐ Pit Speed Approacher: Signal audible in pit lane

  • Previously named as Pit Speed Limit Approacher Signal
  • It's possible to toggle whether this signal should be heard only before pit lane entry, or also while driving in the pit lane
  • With this change, renaming it was due
  • Toggle it in Pit -> Pit Lane -> Audible in pit lane
  • Enabled by default

⭐ Delta Wave Signal changes

  • Delta Wave loads the defined selection from Performance -> Delta Wave when a new session starts (going into practice, qual or race)
    • If you command DRE with a voice command to change to another mode, this will only be true for the remainder of the session
    • Once a session change occurs, DRE again load the selection from the drop-down
  • A new Delta Wave Race selector has been added, so you can have two modes in practice/qual vs races
    • For example, you can select mode Best Lap as the default to focus on optimizing your laps, but have the race session to Opponent Ahead to learn how to attack opponents

🔄 More radio interference and noise

  • DRE's communication radio channel is now slightly more noisy and garbled
  • Added bits and spikes of failing signal, resulting in glitchy sounds
  • The effect is increased the farther away from the garage your car is

🔄 Free users can now enjoy 16Khz neural voices when out of the car

🔄 DRE ends radio activity faster when the speak queue has no more sentences lined up

🔄 Neural voices changes

  • Removed Chris (CA) and Leena (GB) to focus on other future-proof voices. For those using these voices, DRE will default back to James (US)
  • Added Helen (GB) neural voice as an option for English speech

🔄 Neural Words changes

  • Downloading previously synthesized neural words from cloud cache now only count a quarter of the cost
  • On updating to the 2023.1 your Neural Words count will reset and replenish.
  • New limits have been increased to allow for more usage before being limited to the local voice. The word limits have been updated to the following values:
    • Not logged in: 500/mo (as before)
    • Free: 1000 -> 4000/mo
    • Essentials: 5000 -> 8000/mo
    • Performance: 10000 -> 15000/mo
    • Ultimate: Unlimited (as before)
  • Fixed: Neural Words count wasn't fully tracked for Essentials and Performance tiers

🔄 Overtake alerts have been trimmed to more basic variations like "Clear" and "It's clear"

  • This has been done to minimize the time taken to comprehend the message
  • This change along with the more rapid response generally, makes up for a super-fast spotter

🔄 Overtake Signal will sooner know the length of the car

  • Previously, DRE would have to wait a few completed overtakes before knowing the car dimensions
  • The measured car length is now stored in DRE cloud databases and shared across users when loading the session
  • This means that DRE can tell car clearances sooner in the session

🔄 Pit Speed Limiter Signal volume increased +5dB

  • This signal is allowed a bit more "space" in the sound mix when higher prioritized sounds are playing
  • To make more auditory room for this signal, as soon as the limiter is engaged, the Delta Wave Signal is muted, as hearing Delta Waves during pit speed limiting is not useful

🔄 Pit Speed Approacher Signal sound design changes

  • As it can now be heard while driving in pit lane it needed a few tweaks
  • Speed below 10Kmh below the pit speed limit are silent. This allows you stop anywhere in pit lane and silence this signal
  • Adjust the signal's pivot point to between 0 to +1.5 Kmh above the sim speed limit
    • This allows you to stick with the car pit speed limiter
    • This allows you to find the limit + 1.5 Kmh which is the critical upper speed allowance in iRacing

🔄 Output device selection now supports Default Communication Device

  • Similar to selecting the "Default" option, this tracks whatever Windows has currently set the Default Communication Device as

🔄 DRS sounds redesigned

  • 3D aligned the DRS sounds farther towards to center, though still slighty right to make room for other sounds near the center
  • Brought the 4 DRS state sounds together into a coherent design, take a listen below Youtube

✅ DRE didn't use variations of generated speaks

✅ Speaks were cut off if an incoming speak was clearing its category and queueing up

  • One issue was stopping running speaks even when they were not a part of the same speech category
  • Another issue stopped partial speaks when the first part had already started playing

✅ Yellow flag alerts did not include the number of cars involved

✅ Driver names in hosted sessions with brackets pre- or -suffixed are now filtered out

  • For example will [P] Driver Name now be spoken as Driver Name ignoring any brackets and parenthesis [] {} ()


⭐ Always On Top - Use DRE as an overlay

  • Force DRE window to always be on top of other windows (like the sim)
  • Enable it in Settings -> Window -> Always On Top
  • Tip: Use the Shrink toggle in the window top bar to toggle to a racing-focused window

⭐ Average Lap Time Laps slider

  • Adjust how many lap times to include for average lap time calculations
  • This setting ultimately affects session laps and fuel calculations as well
    • Increase it to get more stable predictions
    • Decrease it to get quicker updated predictions
  • This implementation aligns the number of laps to count which was previously hardcoded to 5 and 10 laps
  • Find the slider in Performance -> Lap
  • Defaults to 10 laps

⭐ Pit Stop Shuffle - Faster Disk Telemetry flush

  • Added toggle to allow DRE to take control and to exit and enter you in your car during races when stopped in the pit stall
  • This allows live telemetry to flush and completely release for DRE to inspect
  • With this off, and Disk Telemetry Snapshots enabled, it may take up to 20 minutes before DRE receives measured tire wear
  • With this on, it'll take a few seconds
  • Toggle it and see more in the info comment in Settings -> Sim Connection -> Disk Telemetry Snapshots -> Pit Stop Shuffle
  • When DRE shuffles you, it will announce this via an alert
  • Available in the Performance subscription or higher
  • Defaults to off

⭐ App Updates

  • Moved to its own tab at Settings -> Updates
  • Added button to manually check for new updates
  • Added status field to show the current update status

⭐ Binds for Active Reset

  • 4 binds relating to iRacing's Active Reset feature has now been included:
    • Active Reset Save Start Point
    • Active Reset Run
    • Custom Sector Mark Start Point
    • Custom Sector Mark End Point

⭐ New default app theme: Monokai

The new Monokai theme

  • A sophisticated fusion of blackness, high contrast hues, designed to create an engaging, visually pleasing experience.
  • The Monokai palette - where function meets form, ensuring your racing is not just efficient, but also aesthetically striking.

🔄 All app themes are now free

🔄 Faster app startup when sim is already running on DRE startup

🔄 Get Started wizard has had some love

  • Included steps to select language, race engineering and spotter voices, account
  • If you have already completed this wizard, you should give it another go at Settings -> General -> Get Started

🔄 Shrink button in the window buttons row is now cyan when enabled

🔄 Timed-sessions laps left calculation

  • Hysteresis added to prevent fluctuating down-bumps of laps left
  • This affects timed sessions, whenever DRE is on the edge between a certain amount of laps left, or 1 additional lap
  • If the number of laps jumps a full lap down, a hysteresis of 10 seconds is now added before checking again to confirm the down-bump persists
  • This still allows for bumping up the laps left immediately (worst case scenarios where you need an extra lap)

🔄 Timing of gaps between drivers has been improved

🔄 Removed most verbose logging when DRE triggers speech output

🔄 File Starter setting for starting files during sim load is now a dropdown with two options: Loading / Loaded

🔄 Removed redundant Troubleshoot guide in Sound -> Recognition. Instead use

✅ Lost connection to cloud speech synth would result in stalled queue

  • Now, when connection is lost for any reason, your local TTS engine will be used as backup

✅ Laps left during lap-based qual was wrong

✅ Projected Position at end updates were sometimes delayed by up to 5 minutes

✅ AI racing caused unnecessary driver detail updates

✅ The latest pit stop duration for every driver would the first time be as large as the elapsed time in the session

✅ Action Camera changed drivers during gridding. Now, it's paused when there are no racing going on

✅ Mercedes W13 now uses mass-based fuel instead of liters/gallons

✅ Starting from the pits during races did not update the starting position in regard to giving a post-race summary

✅ Prevented "#fuel" and "#ws" being written to other applications when Auto Fuel kicks in, if iRacing isn't in focus

✅ Prevented "#fuel" and "#ws" being written to the sim when they are already on


This update focuses on improving stability and squashing remaining bugs. Current focus lies with readying the v2023.1 alpha version for beta, and feature updates for this 2022.3.x branch has ended. Want to check out the new Alpha?

🔄 Changes to the License / Terms of Conditions for using DRE

  • Apart from a few wording mistakes, changes include this bit to better match the scope of DRE 2023.1 and forward:

✅ Fixed some internally-tracked bugs

  • Some caused crashes
  • Some stopped logic from happening
  • Some spammed internal bug tracker with unnecessary data

🐛 Known Issues

None 👏 Found a bug? Make a ticket in DRE Discord -> Support -> #issues


✅ Speaks get stuck after completing output

  • Speaks still get stuck - attempting new approach

✅ Fixed a few internally-tracked bugs


✅ Failing DLC downloads

  • Now they reattempt twice before declaring failure
  • Improved handling of cancelled downloads

✅ Speaks get stuck after completing output


URL Schema Error

  • A popup displayed an error and shut down the app
  • This popup and shutdown should now not happen anymore

✅ Prevented unnecessary calls after disconnecting from a sim server

✅ Lowered CPU usage while idling

✅ Continued spammy internal bug tracking


✅ Radio was sometimes stuck open after speech ended


✅ Continued spammy internal bug tracking

✅ Fixed a few internally-tracked bugs


✅ Spammy internal bug tracking


✅ Air Pressure unit changed

  • iRacing changed the unit type from inches of Mercury (inHg), to Pascal (pa) in their 2023 Season 4 Patch 3
  • Logic to retrieve this value in DRE has now been adjusted
  • As usual, asking for this value returns two different units depending on the Display Units (English / Metric):
    • English: Bar
    • Metric: hPa

✅ Sound data sent to audio engine

  • On rare occasions this data was of an uneven length, which could cause a blockage for subsequent speaks

✅ Fixed a few internally-tracked bugs


⭐ VAD Sensitivity slider added

VAD Slider

  • Adjust how sensitive Voice Activity Detection should be for voice speech inputs. Higher sensitivity means inputs at lower volume and sooner inputs are regarded as speech
  • Increase this slider to make DRE more sensitive to inputs. When doing so, DRE will accept microphone input earlier and at lower volume
  • Adjust the slider in Sound -> Input

🔄 More backtracking to catch front end of speech

  • Voice Activated and Hotword Input Modes now have 0.2 seconds more backfill prior to the voice activity detection started
  • This allows more soft voice commands to include their initial syllables

✅ Local TTS completion stopped

  • A few rare situations could lead to local text-to-speech generation stopping


✅ Trimmed 3rd-party development libraries used

  • Smaller installer size
  • Less scenarios for anti-virus to make false positives

✅ Radio Comms FX could be stuck

  • Edge case scenario could lead the radio sounds to stay on after DRE stops talking

✅ Playing DRE speak would not call back its completion

  • This would lead to a piled up speak queue, meaning no other speaks would come through

✅ Mapping a binding by clicking in the Function column for a binding would not assign the bind


✅ Removed library causing false positives with Avast and AVG antivirus vendors

✅ Moved auto-starting DRE in admin mode feature to its own DLC

  • A Downloadable Content File (DLC) now contains the core DLL to subscribe elevated DRE to Windows startup
  • This prevents the need for downloading this file from the beginning
  • Result is a smaller installer, so faster downloads

✅ Stopped spammy logging with Local TTS

✅ Fixed a few internally-tracked bugs


✅ Local TTS

  • Changes to asynchronous synthesizing to combat potential app UI freeze
  • Added bug tracking to errored generations

✅ DRE not sending chat and macros to iRacing

  • Issue occured when iRacing and DRE are not on the same Windows elevation (eg. iRacing is running in admin mode)
  • A warning message should now appear informing you to align their elevations

✅ Login and authentication improvements

✅ Comma delimited text field would not restore the default values when right-clicking

✅ Addressed and fixed internally-tracked bugs


⭐ Added toggle to scan for other application audio volumes

  • Sound -> Busy Detection -> Scan Other App Volumes has been added to be able to turn on/off the external audio output scanning

✅ Comma delimited text field would restore the default values

✅ Too many attempts to fetch the race split info would result in wrong DRE output error

  • You would hear "Please re-enter your iRacing credentials" or similar

✅ Improved email validation checks

✅ Sending text chat to the sim re-activates chat

  • If another app steal back focus after DRE attempted to focus the sim, DRE now has an alternative method to focus the sim again
  • During re-attempting to focus, DRE now also re-activates the chat in the sim that allows for typing macros

✅ Tear off toggle command had wrong macro format

✅ Addressed and fixed internally-tracked bugs


✅ iRacing credentials password changes when decryption fails

  • Limited the log textual warning to display just once
  • Stopped DRE from alerting you verbally about missing credentials. It's enough there's a warning once per DRE session
  • DRE will now remove the malformed password content to avoid confusion about the content behind the asterixis ******
  • If you type a wrong password, DRE stays on the Settings page and won't produce a warning in the log. There's still a verification box below the password field guiding you what's going on

✅ Lynx status wasn't updating in Settings -> Lynx

  • Also secured installing Lynx into VoiceAttack better informing you about issues during the installation process

✅ Crash from Speech Recognition Performance graph

  • DRE now checks for malformed values in the data before providing it to the graph

✅ Sending text chat to the sim now ensures the sim is focused first

  • When DRE can't focus the sim before sending the text, DRE now makes some more elaborate logs to inspection


✅ Pit countdown wasn't firing

  • Caused by a late determination of the track length, failing to provide the starting point for countdowns
  • This bug also affected subsequent pit lane events, as well as DRE alerting you to "pit now" just before pit entry

✅ Sending text chat to the sim now ensures the sim is focused first

  • New approach taken to minimize wait before sending the text to the sim

✅ Addressed and fixed internally-tracked bugs


🎉🏁 Stable release version of the fixes and improvements since 2022.3.3.0

✅ Localized resource files from pre-alpha v2023.1 was kept after install-downgrading to 2022.3 branch

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