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Custom Commands Unleashed



Let’s dive right into one of the most exciting updates in this 2023.1.5 release: the major upgrade to custom commands.

This feature expansion is all about making your interactions with DRE not just easier, but also significantly more powerful.


Custom Commands Unleashed | 2023.1.5 | Best Spotter for iRacing


Multiple Commands with One Trigger

Picture this: You’re mid-race, and you need a quick update on your fuel status—both now and for the start of the next lap. Instead of issuing multiple commands and losing focus, you can now say just one command: “Fuel laps left status”. This triggers both “Fuel laps left now” and “Fuel laps left at start”. It’s like having a co-pilot who knows exactly what you need, when you need it, all with minimal input.


Seamless Button Binding

Not just limited to voice, these custom commands can also be mapped to a button. Whether you’re more comfortable with the push of a button or the sound of your voice, you have total control. This flexibility ensures that no matter how intense the race gets, your most needed commands are always at your fingertips—or on the tip of your tongue.

Here’s a screenshot showing the custom command setup to help you visualize how simple and efficient this new system is. Notice how commands are delimited with semicolons, making it easy to customize a sequence of actions without needing separate triggers.

Bind and trigger multiple commands in one go


Enhanced Neural Voices

The latest improvements in DRE’s neural voices mean clarity at an all-time high. Gone are the days of struggling with metallic sounds or limited voice feedback due to technical constraints. Now, every command confirmation, every status update, and every piece of race-critical information is delivered clearly, ensuring that nothing gets lost in translation during those high-pressure race moments, or starts irritating you.


Controller Multi-Mapping Advancements

Flexible Controller Assignments

The new controller multi-mapping feature is a game-changer for those with complex setups: Assign multiple controllers to a single function, providing unprecedented flexibility. This is ideal for sim racers who use various input devices and want to customize their control scheme to fit their unique racing style.




Interface Improvements

Alongside the multi-mapping capabilities, the interface for setting up your controllers has undergone a significant overhaul. The new editor is not only more intuitive but also provides a much cleaner and more accessible way to manage your bindings. This means less time setting up and more time racing.



Specific Fixes and Enhancements

This update also addresses several specific issues, including the accurate mapping of Xbox controller buttons and removing unintended voice announcements during gear shifts. These fixes ensure a smoother, more responsive interaction with your hardware, allowing you to focus purely on your performance.


New Lap Info Pre-Delay for Tailored Race Insights

Customizable Delay Settings:

With the introduction of adjustable pre-delays for the New Lap Info announcements, you can now tailor when you receive critical race insights. Whether you prefer immediate updates or a brief delay to avoid cluttering your thoughts at crucial moments, this new setting puts the control in your hands, enhancing your strategic race planning.


App Subscription Badges Always Visible

Performance badge

To help you better understand and utilize the available features within DRE, subscription badges are now visible at all times in the settings menu. This ensures that you’re always aware of which features are accessible based on your subscription tier, eliminating any guesswork and making feature navigation straightforward.



DRE now better handles multi-monitor setups and you can now drag-to-snap the window using Windows built-in window features.


Comprehensive Bug Fixes

I’ve squashed numerous bugs in this release, from critical issues like tire degradation inaccuracies and button conflicts to more routine but equally important fixes, such as the editing and deletion of command binds. These improvements significantly enhance the stability and functionality of DRE, ensuring a smoother and more reliable experience.


Enjoy Sim-Racing Now

This update is packed with features designed to enhance your racing experience, making DRE more intuitive, flexible, and powerful than ever before. I encourage you to update to the latest version 2023.1.5 and experience these enhancements firsthand. Need any assistance or wish to report issues? Please join the DRE Discord support channel.


Here’s to faster laps and more thrilling races ahead! 💪

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