2022.3 is out

2022.3 is out

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New 2022.3 Showcase

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DRE 2022.3 Showcase | Best Spotter for iRacing

Command Binds

Map keyboard and controller binds to DRE commands

Bind one or more commands to any of your buttons

Examples of possible mappings:
Map the command to clean the windscreen to a controller button
Map a button to clean the windscreen, then change all tires
Be able to hit a button to hear the average lap time for the car ahead for position
Bind a button to go to iRacing Relative tab (F3)
Trigger starting/stopping OBS recordings
Trigger auto fuel calculations


Custom phrases

Trigger existing commands with custom phrases

Disable Commands

Disable commands you don’t need or experience false positive recognitions with


Change Tire Compound Types in DRE | iRacing Spotter

New commands

Tire Compounds

Set Alarm

Stint Time

Pit Lap

Voice override for Spotter

Want to have another voice just for spotting? Now you can!


Some speaks are now played in 3D space around your head using sound spatialization techniques

This helps you understand the current situation around your car better.
It also gives a better indication of 3D positioned Signals, as some of those now have initial speaks that explain the non-verbal signal sound

New speaks in 3D:

  • Overtake alerts
    • The speaks follow the position of the opponent car during overtaking
      If the opponent car is to your left rear, you’ll hear DRE speaking from the left rear as if it’s sitting on that car
  • Class Leader Launch Signal
    • The signal is positioned to the left rear of your head, and the initial speak telling you this signal started is now also positioned there

Speaks in 3D

New Lap Info

Overhauled alert to bring more relevant info

Choose the info to hear when crossing the S/F

Various types of info are available and DRE weighs and randomized between your selections

Enter command phrases that you want to trigger on every new lap

Find exact command phrases in the `side-menu -> Commands`, or use the global search to find them
Delimit commands by commas

Example: `Last lap time for the car ahead on track;Do tear off` triggers every new lap to tell you the lap time ahead on track (if available), and attempts to tear off your visor or clear the windscreen

New Lap Trigger

Select commands to trigger when crossing S/F

Wind Icon


Indicates the headwind direction when driving into it the first time after a change

Whenever a smoothed wind direction changes more than 22.5 degrees, this is triggered again



Hear states of the DRS systems on cars with DRS enabled

This signal is positioned spatially in 3D front right of your head for easier differentiation

Audible states:

  • Armed (F1): DRS will be available at the next DRS marker (always in practice and qual, in races when within 1 second of the next car)
  • Ready To Deploy (F1): When DRS is available crossing the DRS marker, and it’s possible to enable it
  • Enabled: Confirmation of enabling DRS
  • Disabled: Confirmation of DRS being disabled (from braking, lifting, pressing DRS again)

Launch Signal in DRE | iRacing Spotter

Class Leader Launch RPM

Know instantly when to go by listening to the class leader’s response

Hear the class leader’s RPM before going green

Delta Wave

Overhauled Signal

Take action on your driving
Hear where you gain or lose time using a continuous audio signal.
Understand whether you are gaining time in entry, mid, or exit corner compared to yourself or others

Choose between session best or last lap time, or any competitor car


Hear your racing | Best Spotter for iRacing


Loads of optimizations and improvements

🔄 Speech Recognition

🔄 App response

🔄 Much more


Fixes galore

✅ Fuel Data calculation and Auto Fueling

✅ Speech Recognition Calibration and Recognition

✅ Much more


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