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2023.1 is Live!

Exciting times ahead for all sim racers! I’m thrilled to announce the stable release of DRE v2023.1. This latest update is a leap forward in enhancing your iRacing experience, introducing a suite of features designed to refine your race strategy and performance. With precision in fuel strategy, innovations in real-time tire wear estimations, and the addition of multilingual support, v2023.1 is all about giving you the tools you need to excel on the track.

DRE 2023.1 is Live! | Best Spotter for iRacing

I’ve listened to your feedback and poured passion and expertise into developing features that meet your racing needs. From mastering fuel management to optimizing tire performance, this update is set to revolutionize how you race. So, gear up for an enhanced racing journey with DRE v2023.1, where every detail is crafted for the ultimate sim-racing experience. Let’s dive into what’s new and how it can elevate your game!


What’s New in DRE v2023.1?

  • ⛽ Fuel Strategy – foundation for letting DRE make strategy calls before the race start and as you progress through the race
  • 🛞 Tire Wear – Or, knowledge about your tires in general. DRE estimates wear based on historic data and approximate guesstimation of actual driving
  • Translations of voice commands and DRE speech to
    • 🟩⬜🟥 Italian
    • ⬛🟥🟨German
    • 🟦⬜🟥French
  • 📊 Analytics to see your performance
  • 🐛 100+ bugs squashed since the 2022.3 branch
  • 📝 The code base has been improved internally to path the way for quicker future updates (🤞)

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Let’s dive into the major features of 2023.1 👇


Fuel Strategy Overhaul

In DRE v2023.1, I’ve completely revamped the fuel strategy system to bring you a more nuanced and accurate way to manage your fuel. The introduction of Auto Fuel marks a significant step forward, allowing for dynamic, real-time fuel adjustments that cater to the unique demands of each race. This feature meticulously calculates the optimal amount of fuel needed for each stint, considering various factors such as race length, driving style, and current race conditions. It’s not just about filling up; it’s about strategic fuel management that adapts to your racing scenario, ensuring you’re always in the best position to make that crucial pit stop.

Read more about the Fuel overhaul

Auto-Fuel in iRacing vs DRE 2023.1 | Best Spotter for iRacing


Real-Time Tire Wear Estimations

Tire management is critical in racing, and with DRE v2023.1, I’m bringing tire strategy to the forefront.

Tire Analytics

Utilizing historical data and live telemetry, DRE now offers real-time tire wear estimations, giving you a clear understanding of your tire health throughout the race. The innovative Pit Shuffle feature further enhances this by enabling instant access to tire data during pit stops, ensuring you’re making informed decisions on tire changes and strategy adjustments. This approach not only maximizes your performance on the track but also adds an exciting layer of strategy to your racing experience.

Real-time tire wear?


Multilingual Support

Racing is a global sport, and in DRE v2023.1, I’m excited to extend our reach to even more racers around the world with multilingual support. Italian, German, and French language options are now available, making DRE accessible to a wider audience and enhancing the experience for racers who prefer to race in their native language. This update is just the beginning, as I’m working on adding more languages to the mix, bringing DRE closer to racers across different countries and cultures.

Translations in DRE | Best Spotter for iRacing


Enhanced Analytics

Data is power, especially in racing. That’s why DRE v2023.1 introduces an enhanced Analytics section, offering you a deeper dive into your performance metrics.

Fuel Analytics 1 tiny

With visual stats and graphs on lap times, fuel usage, tire wear, and more, you can analyze your performance with precision. These insights allow you to pinpoint areas for improvement, strategize more effectively, and ultimately, sharpen your competitive edge. Whether pre-race planning or post-race analysis, these analytics are your key to unlocking peak performance.


Other Surprises in 2023.1

DRE v2023.1 isn’t just about the big-ticket items; it’s the little features that often make the most significant difference in enhancing your racing experience.

Alerts have received a notable upgrade, enhancing situational awareness and decision-making. The Pit Exit Congestion Alert is a standout, warning you of potential traffic as you exit the pits. This feature allows for better planning of pit exits, ensuring you rejoin the race with minimal interference and optimal safety. Another critical update is the Projected Finish Position, now utilizing median lap times for a more accurate prediction of your potential race outcome. This insight can significantly impact your strategy, helping you make informed decisions on the fly.

In the Commands section, the introduction of Italian, German, and French Grammar Phrases opens up DRE’s advanced functionality to a broader audience, allowing native speakers to interact with DRE in their language. This inclusivity is a huge step forward, making DRE more accessible and enhancing the user experience for Italian and German-speaking racers. Additionally, the Fuel Strategy Adjustments have seen refinements, with commands now available to ask about the fuel window and whether it’s the right time to pit. This addition provides a more interactive and responsive fuel management system, giving you the confidence that you’re making the best decisions based on your current race situation.

There’s so much more to DRE – check out the release notes right here


Race now

As we cross the finish line on the introduction of DRE v2023.1, it’s clear that this update is more than just a step forward—it’s a leap into the future of sim racing and a new foundation. With a keen focus on Fuel Strategy and Tire Wear management, DRE v2023.1 sets a new standard for racing simulation, offering you the tools to make strategic calls from the starting grid to the checkered flag. The addition of Italian, German, and French language support opens up our community, making DRE more accessible and enhancing the racing experience for a broader audience. The Enhanced Analytics provide invaluable insights into your performance, allowing for constant improvement and fine-tuning of your strategies.

I’ve also squashed hundreds of bugs and refined the code base for smoother, quicker updates in the future. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey towards making DRE the ultimate companion for every sim racer out there.

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Whether you’re strategizing fuel stops, managing tire wear, exploring the new analytics, or simply enjoying DRE in your native language, v2023.1 is here to elevate your racing experience. So why wait? Download DRE v2023.1 now and turbocharge your sim racing adventures today. Here’s to faster laps, smarter strategies, and more exhilarating races ahead!

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