How’s DRE 2022 Alpha?

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So the Alpha has now been open for one month and I thought I’ve give you a short update on how things are going.

I, and my guinea pigs, have been hard at it with 20 updates in the last month. We’ve been chipping off the hard edges, especially in the beginning. Things are starting to work well now, so I’ve had a chance to sit in the cockpit myself to do some driving. Believe it or not: when launching a beast like DRE 2022, there are so many things to do, that just sitting down to do some racing and testing it that way hasn’t been possible until now.


DRE 2022 app

In my own experience, the stars are aligning: Radio comms effects, overhauled code, and logic, a natural queue of DRE speaks being prioritized on the fly, and all the other changes make DRE 2022 feel much more like a real racing engineer.


For the launch, I still got a few features to add to DRE, but I also want to get it out in your hands asap, so more features will be added down the line. Actually, I’ve recently created a roadmap that you should check out and VOTE on. This is your chance to have your say at which features I’ll prioritize.

Alpha Invites

In terms of Alpha invites, we’re now about 40 people working on DRE, and I’ll slowly invite more as we go as DRE improves. I’m so grateful to the guys taking their time to not only test the latest and greatest, but even produce nice feedback and bug reports.

It’s not too late to apply for the Alpha. Click the button below to get started

You can look forward to DRE 2022! 🏎️

How do I get started?

Do you want to help out making DRE 2022 ready for launch? Apply for Alpha access right here


There’s a new DRE coming?

Certainly! What about VoiceAttack and existing profiles? Check the video below

The Best iRacing Spotter Goes Standalone - Siri for Sim-Racers


DRE3 updated

Version 3.4.7 has been released to bring you more stability and changes to the existing DRE spotter. Some highlights are:

  • Proximity Alerts improvements
  • File Starter improvements
  • Race Timing fixes
  • Race Simulation stability

Get the update and read all the changes to the latest stable release for DRE3


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DRE 2022.3 is here

DRE 2022 is now available – Download now. Learn more about the new DRE version and get started now for free

DRE 2022 Launched

DRE 2022 is now available – Download now. Learn more about the new DRE version and get started now for free

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DRE 2022 is a revolution and a brand new standalone iRacing spotter application featuring. Learn more about the new DRE and its alpha access for the best iRacing spotter

DRE 3.4.5 Released

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