Bonjour! French Translations in DRE

A racing track corner with the French tricolor painted on the asphalt surface. The track is highly detailed, showing realistic textures of the asphalt 1050x600


色 I’m proud to announce French is now available in DRE 2023.1 色

After several requests over the years, you can now speak and hear DRE in French.

  • 500+ French voice commands at your disposal
  • 700+ French alerts and speaks


Say Bonjour to Christophe

Hear an example of the brand-new French-speaking voice, Christophe:


Translation-Friendly Core Logic

I’ve worked tirelessly to adapt the core logic of DRE to be more translation-friendly. This significant improvement has facilitated the addition of new languages, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive experience for sim racers worldwide.


A Multilingual Approach

Following the successful integration of German and Italian versions just two months ago, I’m excited to bring French into the fold. This expansion is a testament to my commitment to making DRE a truly global platform, accessible to sim-racers from different linguistic backgrounds.


Community-Driven Proofing Process

The French translations, initially generated through advanced machine-translation technologies, are currently undergoing a meticulous proofing process. This task is being spearheaded by dedicated members of the sim-racing community, who are bringing their expertise and passion to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the French version.


Participate in the Proofing

Your input is invaluable! Help fine-tune the French translations by joining our proofing initiative. Whether you’re a native speaker or have a proficient level of French, your contributions will help enhance the DRE experience for French-speaking users. Help out proof the French translations right here.


Together, let’s make DRE a welcoming space for sim-racers around the globe!

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