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General Functions

GENERAL FUNCTIONSGet well started with The Digital Race Engineer here following the Get Started sectionMake sure you have initialized The DRE profile in Voice Attack so it runs every time you start Voice Attack with the DRE profile. See Make The DRE autorun with Voice...

Voice Recognition

VOICE RECOGNITIONUsing Oculus Rift, you can turn off Automatic Gain Control (AGC) as an attempt to better give commands. The microphone in the Oculus Rift CV1 is quite sensitive and letting software constantly change gain on the input is not always ideal. To turn off...

Voice Attack

VOICE ATTACKSee in Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del -> Task Manager) if Voice Attack is running as a process not closed. Unfortunately, when closing Voice Attack with The DRE profile loaded while not being connected to iRacing (or if iRacing is paused), it might not shut...


VERSIONSIt's simple to update The DRE from a previous version, just follow the guide hereFor downgrading in the same "major" version like 3.0.2 -> 3.0.1 it is as simple as the usual upgrade. Download the downgrade version and install this. Then delete the Voice...


Logos and Colors

Digital Race Engineer Car paint colors, logos and icons – free and available for download

How to Set Up Push To Talk (PTT)

How to set up Push To Talk (PTT) with Voice Attack If you want to use a button to enable Voice Attack listening instead of continuous listening, look no further. The steps below help you setting up PTT Open your Voice Attack and head to the options section Go to the...

How to enable Beta versions

If you want to use the very latest features and improvements for The Digital Race Engineer, subscribing to Beta releases is the way to go. Learn below how to enable beta versions and start enjoying them now Open DRE Launcher and head to the General page 1) Enable...

Report a bug

Report a bug Please provide data on your issue if possible: Whenever you experience an issue with DRE during racing, say "output data" (alternately "generate drivers list") Zip the folder called "output" in your Documents/The Digital Race Engineer folder Send the zip...

Get involved

Get involvedFeel free to reach out via [email protected] or join the Discord with questions, feedback and suggestionsJoin The DRE Discord

License agreement

By downloading and using The Digital Race Engineer - Voice Attack plugin for iRacing you automatically accept the following:   THIS SOFTWARE IS COPYRIGHTED BY THE AWE IVS ("AUTHOR") AND IS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT LAWS AND INTERNATIONAL TREATY PROVISIONS. THE...

Improve Text-to-speech voice

Get a better Windows 10 Text-to-speech voice by unlocking Cortana voices with The Digital Race Engineer in Voice Attack


Upgrade to Pro or Deluxe

Upgrade The DRE to Pro or Deluxe Get the ultimate The DRE experience with Pro and Deluxe licenses. Check the boxes below how to Purchase and register The DRE License to access the Pro and Deluxe features. First obtain a The DRE license The license key is sent to your...

License Questions

LICENSE QUESTIONS If you have an existing DRE2 license, you have the following possibilities: Continue to use DRE2 and download fixes with the "Legacy Version" button on the download page Use DRE3 Free version without a license Purchase a DRE3 Pro license to unlock...


iRacing Text Chat Commands

All iRacing Text Chat Commands available. Learn which iRacing chat macros to use to message other drivers in iRacing. Use DRE to speak the iRacing chat macros

iRacing Admin Commands

Admin text chat commands for iRacing. See all available chat commands to enter in iRacing. In Hosted sessions, iRacing admin commands let you control the action. Use DRE to speak the chat commands

Understand Commands

The DRE CommandsWith over 600 commands, 60000+ variations, and expanding, The Digital Race Engineer has all you could want in a virtual crew chief. Learning all 60000 variations is simply not possible in it so, which is why a command structure has been created.Learn...

Command Structures

Command structures Master The DRE commands knowing about their structuresIn case you can’t remember all commands, you are welcome to add your own sentences as commands. But the current commands are structured in a way so you should be able to figure them out by...


Text-to-speech with sound effects

Set up radio Communication Sound Effects with your Text-To-Speech engine. See the video belowFeel free to reach out via [email protected] or join the Discord with questions, feedback and suggestionsImprove your TTS Voice Learn...

Improve Text-to-speech voice

Get a better Windows 10 Text-to-speech voice by unlocking Cortana voices with The Digital Race Engineer in Voice Attack

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