Where do I begin?

Get well started with The Digital Race Engineer here following the Get Started section

DRE reports 'no laps left' and 'fuel not set'

Make sure you have initialized The DRE profile in Voice Attack so it runs every time you start Voice Attack with the DRE profile.

See Make The DRE autorun with Voice Attack

My Text-To-Speech voice does not sound anything like yours. Where can I get that or other great Synthetic voice packs?

Check out the free Windows hack to get Cortana voices

Check out our TTS Tip video: The voice we’re using in our videos is Amy by Ivona:

Which units are supported by The DRE?

Both metric and imperial units are supported by The DRE, and it will automatically switch to the units used in iRacing.

Is the Pro version needed to run The DRE, and are there any restrictions, like trial periods on the Free version?

You can run the Free version as long as you like, but the Free version comes with some limitations compared to the Pro version. On the landing page, you can see which core features are support in both versions. Click here to get the Pro version.

The volume of DRE is low. How can I turn it up?

The fix is to turn up DRE relatively to the iRacing volume. This means turning down iRacing and then turning up the overall volume.

  1. Start Voice Attack
  2. Start an iRacing session, then alt+tab to the desktop.
  3. From here go to the system tray in the bottom right corner of the screen and find the speaker icon.
  4. Right click the speaker icon, and then select the “Open Volume Mixer”.
  5. Slide down the volume of iRacing (to eg. 25 – 40%)
  6. Make sure Voice Attack volume is at 100% and the TTS Volume in Voice Attack options is at 100%
  7. Turn up the overall gain/volume of your speakers. Do this either on the hardware turnknobs itself or left-clicking the Speaker icon in the system tray.

TTS Low Volume Fixes

Can I use joystick and buttons keys in DRE?

It is possible to use both keyboard combinations and controller combinations.

However, Xbox controllers are not supported due to their requirements for the Voice Attack window to be in focus.

A third-party solution that converts controller button pushes into keyboard pushes: JoyToKey