How to set up Push To Talk (PTT) with Voice Attack

If you want to use a button to enable Voice Attack listening instead of continuous listening, look no further. The steps below help you setting up PTT

Open Voice Attack Options

Open your Voice Attack and head to the options section

Voice Attack Main view

Go to the Hotkey tab

  1. Go to the Hotkey tab
  2. Open the … next to Recognition Global Hotkey or Joystick Button Recognition depending on if you want to use a controller for PTT
  3. Enable keyboard global hotkey
  4. Press the hotkey combination

VA Hotkeys

Select method of press

  1. Decide how to enable listening
  2. A preferred way would be to enable listening while PTT is held

Hold keys


Disable 'Mute Listening When Busy' DRE alerts

  1. Go to DRE Launcher
  2. Find the General section
  3. Scroll down to Mute Listening When Busy
  4. Disable this feature alerts, as it will otherwise override when Voice Attack listens

Mute Listening When Busy alert


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