Windows 10 saw the addition of Cortana assistant. Whether you use it or not, the voice itself is quite a bit better in terms of quality. However by default, users wanting to utilize these voice using various Text-to-speech programs like The Digital Race Engineer are not able to do this. It requires a work around that’s fairly simple to do. Below we will go through the few steps involved to unlock the Cortana Eva or Mark voices to be used for TTS applications.



Making the backup

  1. Before making the actual required edits to the Registry Editor, we first should backup the existing registry, in case anything fails in the following steps.
  2. Hit the Windows start key and type “Registry Editor”
  3. Registry Editor search
  4. In Registry Editor go to File -> Export and save the registry backup
  5. Close Registry Editor and you’re now ready to unlock the new cortana voices



Unlock Cortana voices

  1. Download this zip file that contains two registry editor ‘reg’ files
  2. Open or extract the downloaded zip file
  3. Double click either Eva or Mark reg file
  4. That’s it! The voice is now unlocked

Cortana reg files



Set Cortana voice as TTS voice

  1. Hit the Windows key and type ‘Control panel’
  2. In the search box top right type ‘Speech’
  3. Open the ‘Change text to speech settings’Cortana voice selection
  4. In the Text to Speech tab under Voice selection, choose either
    1. Microsoft Eva Mobile
    2. Microsoft Mark
  5. That’s it. Now your TTS voice should be using one of the Cortana voices


The alternative

If you want even higher quality text-to-speech voices there are some pretty good payware version out there. I use the Ivona Amy and can definitely recommend it

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