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Important things to know before starting your The DRE journey

Know where to begin

  • Read and follow the Setup section to get The DRE installed and set up
  • It is of utmost importance to run the Windows Speech Recognition Microphone Setup and Voice Training tutorials before using The DRE. If possible, run this multiple times as more training yields better recognition.
  • For more help with The DRE, check the Help section, or ask a question on Discord

Become familiar with Voice Attack

  • Make sure to use Voice Attack full version (not trial)
  • Make sure to always start Voice Attack in Administrator mode. Make a Voice Attack shortcut, right-click, and click Properties. In the Compatibility tab, check the “Run this program as an administrator” and Apply the changes.
  • For more help with Voice Attack refer to the Online Voice Attack Help documentation.
  • Enjoy The Digital Race Engineer with a custom TTS-engine that sounds better

The DRE behavior

  • Some commands are only featured in the Pro version. This means commands with a Pro mark are only functional after applying the license obtained. When using the free version, these variables will return 0 (zero) or “none”.
  • Some commands need keybinds to be configured for it to be able to send keypresses to iRacing. Check the DRE Launcher -> Keybinds
  • Generally, The DRE’s alerts will try to inform you once you are not busy turning or braking, but going straight full or zero throttle. If you request a specific piece of information it will tell you asap
  • Max Cars in iRacing Options -> Graphics does not require 63, but setting it lower than the actual connected driver count means some features will be turned off if there are more cars driving that the value of Max Cars. Setting Max Cars lower will result in live positions and some timing commands to not be useful. This is a limitation by iRacing unfortunately as we cannot expect iRacing to stream all 63 cars constantly even with Max Cars = 63.
  • Regular running of Voice Attack and The DRE should not impact your system as monitored CPU usage and footprint is only about 2-7%. Loading and editing the profile may increase the footprint shortly. Memory usage should maintain a steady level between 200 and 300mb over the session depending on the number of drivers and alerts enabled.
  • Most commands work really well and understands your voice easily, but a few ones may be shaky, where you need to define a specific amount or a specific sentence. For example “Set fuel to 117”. This is because Voice Attack attempts to match what you say with the available commands. When it can’t do this, it works like the regular Windows Speech Recognition (WSR), which sometimes doesn’t understand you. You can look up on the Internet how to train and improve the WSR to make it better understand you.

iRacing tips

  • If possible, set “Connection Type” here https://members.iracing.com/membersite/account/Home.do to DSL, Cable, Fiber 1 Mbit/sec or faster. This may influence the data transmitted between cars and therefore the precision of The DRE.
  • Units are automatically changed to the units used in iRacing
  • The DRE does not work during ghost races and spectator mode.

About gaps

“Gap” has different meanings in practice/qual and race

  • In practice and qual, “gap” refers to the differences in fastest lap times set between your car and the other. Eg. If you did a lap time of 1:22 and the other car did a 1:23, DRE would give a feedback like “gap to car behind is 1 second”.
  • In races, “gap” refers to the interval time between your position on the track and that of the other car. So if you eg. are halfway through the lap (50% lap distance) of 1:22, you would be at 41 seconds into the lap (simplified calculation here). The other car would be eg. at 40% distance, so that would be around 33 seconds into the lap. The gap would then be 41 – 33 seconds = 8 seconds. DRE would report this as “Gap to car behind is 8 seconds”.
  • It is therefore only possible to compare the “gap” to the Relative Tab in races, where the gap should reflect the Relative Tab Timing data. In practice and qual sessions, the “gap” refers to the differences in lap times.


      Listeners in DRE automatically start monitoring the iRacing action for various alerts, warnings, proximity alerts, etc.. You can select which alerts to get using the DRE Launcher. Finally, you may instead directly alter the DRE.ini file found in your MyDocuments folder/The Digital Race Engineer/.

      See the DRE Launcher in-app tips for more about alerts.


          What’s next?

          From here you might want to get up to speed on various topics: