Do I need a new license for DRE3 when I have a DRE2 license?

If you have an existing DRE2 license, you have the following possibilities:

  • Continue to use DRE2 and download fixes with the “Legacy Version” button on the download page
  • Use DRE3 Free version without a license
  • Purchase a DRE3 Pro license to unlock the full potential of DRE3

Existing DRE2 Pro users have had the enjoyment of upgrades for the past three years on a single license purchase for less than two cars worth in iRacing. Other companies run monthly subscriptions for iRacing services that sky rockets the price over time for users, and we chosen not to do that with DRE but hopefully keep the pricing fair. We’ve spend time on this in our spare time and through the company, so we will have to charge a few bucks on this, but spending 3000+ hours on it, we believe we can justify that. 

What you buy into when purchasing a license is to unlock a certain range of extra features at that point. The fact that we have added extra features over the past three years has been on our charge basically. Now has come a time in the development, where we can justify a new license for DRE3, since we treat it as a new product. Internally it has gotten a revamp and on the outside (the features) there up against 40 new features for DRE3 vs 2. 

We are by no extent leaving DRE2 Pro users behind. We will continue to patch and fix DRE2 for a good amount of time, so it can keep on running. Everyone can continue to enjoy DRE2. 

Use may use the Free version for free, or if you are interested you may purchase a license for DRE3. Balancing free vs. pro features, we’ve put way more features on the free part, while some really nice features are pro. The DRE3 licensing price will be a couple of bucks less than the DRE2. Furthermore we will announce sales here and there in the future. 

Will my DRE2 license work for DRE3?

No. DRE3 is considered a brand new product as it introduces many new features (40+ new) and a new way for configure and customize the DRE experience. New features includes a DRE Launcher, which is a platform for not only customizing DRE, but also a hub to launch iRacing and more. Furtermore: Actions Camera, detailed gear shift feedback, new way of navigating black boxes, help and guidance on setup changes, sector performance help, ask about any driver etc..

What happens to my current DRE2 license? You can continue to enjoy DRE2 just like you do now, as support will continue from our side for a good amount of time.

Should errors and bugs arrive, let us know via [email protected] and we will investigate and fix it.


Buy a DRE3 Pro license

What is the difference between the Free, Pro and Deluxe versions?

Whether you select the Free, Pro or Deluxe versions, there’s plenty of content and features to enjoy.

  • The Free version is the basic offset with plenty of features to improve your iRacing
  • The Pro version offers the ultimate DRE experience with all features from Free + additional vital features and commands
  • The Deluxe versions add a few visual changes and other smaller exclusive non-important additions to DRE. The Deluxe version is mainly for those of you who really appreciate the work done to DRE.


Check out the pricing page to learn more

How do I apply the license?

To apply the Pro or Deluxe licenses, please follow the steps described in the Upgrade to Pro or Deluxe help section