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The Digital Race Engineer | Install & Setup

Train your voice

  1. If you haven’t already, set up your voice with Windows Speech Recognition.
  2. Go to the Start menu and search for “Speech recognition”. Open the Windows Speech Recognition and follow the guide.
  3. Also, train your computer to better understand you. Go to Control Panel -> Ease of Access -> Speech Recognition. Click on Train your computer to better understand you.

Get the right Voice Attack

  1. Buy and download Voice Attack (not the trial) from http://www.voiceattack.com/ .
  2. Make sure to download at least version 1.6 or higher, as this supports external plugins.

Prepare Voice Attack

  1. Open Voice Attack and go to Options VA Options
  2. Enable “Enable Plugin Support”. In the bottom take notice of the location of the Voice Attack Apps installation directory. VAPluginSupport
  3. Select the tab ‘System / Advanced’
  4. Enable “Single TTS Instance”
  5. Enable “Run VoiceAttack as an Administrator”VAOptionsAdvanced
  6. Press OK and quit the app 

Download The DRE

  1. Download the latest The Digital Race Engineer if you haven’t already.
  2. You can try the free version first and see how it’s working for you.
  3. You will have several new vital and cool features if you go PRO but do a test with the FREE version first.
  4. Even if you have acquired a PRO license you need to download the Free version and then apply the license key later.

Install The DRE

  1. Run the downloaded “The Digital Race Engineer.exe” file and install it to your Apps folder inside the Voice Attack installation. The setup executable will attempt to find your Voice Attack installation Apps folder automatically. InstallSetupFolderStructure
  2. It is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Apps, so that The Digital Race Engineer folder is in the apps folder. The folder structure must look like this: FolderStructure2 2
  3. You may take a look at the installed DRE Launcher if you want, but it is not required now to finalize the setup. Rather we need to start Voice Attack again.
  4. Start Voice Attack now to confirm that it has found the plugin with corresponding version number. It should display this in the console: VAConfirmDRE

Import The DRE profile into Voice Attack

  1. Import the profile, which runs all the logic between Voice Attack and The DRE plugin. Locate the profile in the Extra folder which is located in for example C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Apps\The Digital Race Engineer\Extra\The Digital Race Engineer-Profile-vX.X.vap  VAImport
  2. Accept the warning when prompted and you have The DRE profile imported. Now it’s time to activate it

Make The DRE autorun with Voice Attack

  1. We need to make the logic automatically run, when the profile is loaded. Click the Edit the profile button shown here: VAEditProfile
  2. Click the Profile Options button at the top: VAProfileOptions
  3. Enable the Execute a command each time this profile is loaded and select the Initialize The DRE command from the drop down: VAInitializeTheDRE

Verify The DRE setup

  1. When The DRE is correctly set up it should show the following in the Voice Attack console, which means that you are ready to go: DREProfileRunFirstTime
  2. As the Voice Attack console writes; ini files have been created (unless you opened DRE Launcher, as that would have created the files for you). These are your configuration files that customize using the DRE Launcher
  3. Your Digital Race Engineer is now ready to use. You can connect to iRacing now and enjoy the Free version.

What's next?

When The DRE is set up correctly there are mainly 5 options:

  1. Check out a 10-minute in-game tutorial: Say “Start tutorial”
  2. Customize The DRE in DRE Launcher. Hint: go directly from Voice Attack by saying “Open DRE config”
  3. Learn more The DRE and commands, check the Commands section
  4. Check out the Pro features check out this comparison
  5. Upgrade to Pro check out this guide