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Updating The DRE

Learn how to upgrade to newer versions in 3 easy steps.

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The Digital Race Engineer | How to update DRE

1. Delete existing profile

  1. Delete the current DRE profile in Voice Attack.
  2. If you only have one profile in Voice Attack, this might not be possible. Simply create an empty profile called “Empty” and switch back to The DRE profile.
  3. Then delete the active The DRE profile from the “More profile actions” buttonDeleteProfile

2. Get the new version

  1. Download the new DRE version
  2. Close Voice Attack and DRE Launcher if they are running
  3. Run the executable and install into the “The Digital Race Engineer” folder into Apps, so this folder is the only DRE related file or folder in Voice Attack/Apps: FolderStructureForUpdating

3. Import the new profile

  1. Open Voice Attack
  2. Import the DRE profile in Voice Attack by pressing the “More profile actions” button and then “Import Profile”.
  3. Load the profile stored in Apps\The Digital Race Engineer\Extra\The Digital Race Engineer-Profile-vX.X.vap
  4. Make sure the command “Initialize The DRE” is being executed when the profile is loaded. If not, follow these steps
  5. If you had no custom profiles or commands, you can now restart Voice Attack, or simply triple-tap the Stop all commands button StopAllCommandsButton

Custom commands

If you have custom commands in a separate profile or edited any commands in the DRE Voice Attack Profile, please follow the steps below. If not, you can simply skip these steps

0. If you have a custom profile

If you have made any customizations to the current DRE profile yourself, do the following before doing the steps above.

If you haven’t changed the profile, you may skip this step.

  1. Open Voice Attack, with the current versioned “The Digital Race Engineer” profile
  2. Export the specific commands to another profile outside the DRE folder in Voice Attack\Apps, so you can retrieve them again after updating. 

4. Restore custom commands

If you had any customized commands, with the DRE profile active, do the following after the steps for normally updating a DRE profile.

If you did not have any custom commands or profile, simply skip this step

  1. Open Voice Attack
  2. Import the saved custom profile into Voice Attack if it’s not already there
  3. Switch to the updated The DRE profile
  4. Press “Edit profile” and then “Options and overrides for this profile”. VAProfileOptions
  5. In the “Include commands from another profile” select the profile you made earlier with your custom commands. IncludeOtherProfile
  6. Restart Voice Attack, or simply triple-tap the Stop all commands button
  7. All set, let’s race!

What's next?

When The DRE has been updated there are mainly 3 options:

  1. Check out the changelog to see what’s new in the version
  2. Customize The DRE in DRE Launcher. Hint: go directly from Voice Attack by saying “Open DRE config”
  3. Learn more The DRE and commands, check the Commands section