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Upgrade The DRE to Pro or Deluxe

Get the ultimate The DRE experience with Pro and Deluxe licenses. Check the boxes below how to

Purchase a license

  1. Purchase and register The DRE License to access the Pro and Deluxe features. First obtain a The DRE license
  2. The license key is sent to your provided email
  3. Copy this license key

Apply the license

  1. Enter the license key in DRE Launcher -> General
  2. Paste the license into the field as shown here: ApplyLicense
  3. Re-open Voice Attack with The DRE profile starting up, as the license is only read at the start of loading the DRE profile in Voice Attack.

Verify license

  1. If the license has been provided correctly, the console displays Pro/Deluxe license OK. You now have full features at your command, so happy racing DRELicensed2

What's next?

When The DRE license is applied there are mainly 3 options:

  1. Check out a 10-minute in-game tutorial: Say “Start tutorial”
  2. Customize The DRE in DRE Launcher. Hint: go directly from Voice Attack by saying “Open DRE config”
  3. Learn more The DRE and commands, check the Commands section