How do I update The DRE from a previous version?

It’s simple to update The DRE from a previous version, just follow the guide here

How do I downgrade between versions?

For downgrading in the same “major” version like 3.0.2 -> 3.0.1 it is as simple as the usual upgrade. Download the downgrade version and install this. Then delete the Voice Attack profile before importing the downgraded profile.


For downgrading between major versions like 3.0.1 -> 2.9.8, you must first uninstall DRE and remove the profile in Voice Attack. Your DRE.ini file is filled with new variables that the older version cannot use, so you will have to save a copy of the DRE.ini file (found in your Documents/The Digital Race Engineer folder) to somewhere else. Then delete the one in the documents folder. After installing the downgraded version and adding the profile to Voice Attack, DRE should automatically create the downgraded DRE.ini. Then you can manually transfer your settings between your copied DRE.ini and the downgraded one.

After updating, DRE doesn’t work. What should I do?

Make sure to inspect the Voice Attack log window output. It should tell you if something is wrong with the DRE setup.

Try re-importing the new DRE profile into Voice Attack. Also, make sure the “Initialize The Dre” command runs at the start of the profile. Set this in the Profile options.

If you still have issues, reach out via Discord