I cannot open Voice Attack after installing The DRE plugin and profile

See in Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del -> Task Manager) if Voice Attack is running as a process not closed. Unfortunately, when closing Voice Attack with The DRE profile loaded while not being connected to iRacing (or if iRacing is paused), it might not shut down Voice Attack properly. This is a known bug but is easily dealt with by ending the Voice Attack process for now. Then try opening Voice Attack again.

I don’t see 'Plugin support enabled' or 'Plugin ‘The Digital Race Engineer’ initialized'. Or, I'm shown 'Unable to invoke plugin, plugin not available'

Make sure you have downloaded and extracted the plugin into the apps folder as per the Setup instructions. Make sure you in Voice Attack Options has enabled “Enable Plugin Support” and restarted Voice Attack.

Also, make sure the Plugin Manager has enabled DRE as shown in the image below. This might be disabled after any Voice Attack crash.

Enable the DRE in Plugin Manager


As a final resort to get Voice Attack to reset, close it down, wait 5 seconds and do the following:

  1. Double click the Voice Attack shortcut from Explorer or your desktop (do not use DRE Launcher to start it)
  2. Immediately hold down CTRL+SHIFT until Voice Attack Load Options shows on your screen
  3. Enabled the Reset VoiceAttack settings to initial values for a complete VA reset
  4. Press OK. Voice Attack will now reset itself, and you should go into Options to enable Plugin Support, etc.. See the Setup for more info

Voice Attack Load Options

I hear multiple voices on top of each other while using Voice Attack and The DRE

In Voice Attack options under “System / Advanced” make sure the option “Single TTS instance” is checked on.

I can’t see the ini files or, it won’t generate the DRE.ini and Keybinds.ini files

Make sure to run the DRE profile in Voice Attack at least once after installing DRE. It will then generate the INI files needed.

Also, make sure you are running Voice Attack in administrator mode. To do this, right click on the Voice Attack application icon before opening it, go to properties. In the Voice Attack Properties window go to the Compatibility tab and check the “Run this program as an administrator”.

Alternatively, start DRE Launcher to generate the files.

I get ‘ERROR IN DRE.INI …’ when starting Voice Attack and DRE

Some value in the DRE.ini file is most likely wrong. Make sure to only use number values where required. Alternately, make a backup of the INI file somewhere else, then delete the original and restart Voice Attack with DRE profile running. It should then make a fresh INI file without errors in, that you can adjust.

Voice Attack shows ‘Unable to execute profile initialize command. Command not available’

When opening VoiceAttack with the DRE profile loaded, if you see this error in VoiceAttack:

Unable To Execute Profile Initialize Command


  1. In Voice Attack, click the Edit Profile button next to the Profile selector
  2. In the top of the Profile editor, click the Options button
  3. In the Profile Options window, go to the Profile Exec tab
  4. In the ‘Execute a command each time this profile is loaded‘, find and select Initialize The DRE
  5. Click OK, Done, and restart Voice Attack