iRacing Admin Commands

iRacing Admin Commands

Useful iRacing text commands for hosted session admins. Learn how to disqualify a driver, or even how to clear black flags in iRacing.

If you’re interested in iRacing chat commands for non-admins, check this list instead

iRacing Admin Commands – General

!help or !?

Prints a list of all available commands + info

!admin <driver> [<message>]

Makes another driver admin

!nadmin <driver> [<message>]

Removes admin rights from driver

!advance [<message>]

Skips to the next session (practice -> qual, qual -> grid, and so on)


Gets the current session track state (0-100%, or -1 to carry over from current session)

!trackstate [<pct>]

Sets the next session track state (0-100%, or -1 to carry over from current session)


Sets grid timer to 10 minutes. Disables the automatic race start (grid -> race) after all cars have gridded. 

!gridset [minutes]

Sets grid timer to N minutes (max 10). Disables the automatic race start (grid -> race) after all cars have gridded.


Jumps the grid timer to a few seconds before pace car roll-out or start lights sequence

iRacing Admin Commands – Chat


Enables chat for all drivers

!chat [<driver>]

Re-enables chat for driver


Disables voice and text chat for all drivers (admins excepted)

!nchat [<driver>]

Disables chat for driver

!spchat [<message>]

Enables voice and text chat between spectators

!nspchat [<message>]

Disables voice and text chat between spectators

/all <message>

Sends a text message to all drivers and spectators, even with text chat disabled

/rc <message>

Send a text message to all admins (race controllers). Non-admin can use this command as well

iRacing Race Control Commands

!yellow [<message>]

Throws a yellow (if not already active)

!waveby <driver> [<message>]

Moves a driver up to the next lap and sends the driver to the end of the pace line

!eol <driver> [<message>]

Moves the driver backwards to end of pace line

!restart single

Sets the next restart to a single-file configuration

!restart double

Sets the next restart to a double-file configuration (side-by-side)

!pacelaps <n>

Sets the number of caution to n laps until green at next crossing.

!pacelaps <+n>

Adds n laps to the caution length

!pacelaps <-n>

Subtracts n laps from the caution length


Closes the pit entrance


Opens the pit entrance

iRacing Admin Commands – Penalties

!black <driver>

Gives a driver a Stop & Go black flag

!black <driver> D

Gives a driver a Drive-Through black flag

!black <driver> [time]

Gives a driver a Timed black flag (seconds). Example: !black 420 30

!black <driver> [L(laps)]

Gives a driver a Lap black flag. Example: !black 420 L2

!showdqs [<driver>]

Shows all disqualifications for the field or a single car or driver

!dq <driver> [<message>]

Disqualifies a driver from the race, but does not remove them from the server. If you’re looking for disconnecting the driver, use !remove

!remove <driver> [<message>]

Removes a driver from the server. Can remove spectators as well. If you’re looking for just disqualifying the driver without disconnecting, use !dq

!clear <driver> [<message>]

Clears all black flags, DQ’s or EOL’s for a driver – pending or active


Clears all pending black flags, DQs, or EOLs


  • Some commands can be typed in short- or long-form:
    • !yellow -> !y
    • !black -> !b
    • !help -> !?
  • [<message>] is an optional message that will be seen by all connected.
  • Wherever you see a <driver> the form is one of the following:
    • <name> (examples: bobb.brownbobby brown)
    • <car number> (example: 420)
    • #<car number> (example: #420)
  • <name> has multiple ways of matching a driver:
      • The name must be specified sufficiently to give a unique result.
      • Uses starts-with matching: bob matches Bob and bobby.
      • If multiple names conflict but one exactly matches then that name is used. This is to differentiate bob.brown and bobby.brown
      • You can string together multiple names using ‘.’ to replace spaces so b.brown could match ‘bob brown’

Source and more info on commands

    Speak Admin commands using DRE

    Did you know that you can command iRacing using Digital Race Engineer?

    Speak a phrase like Admin black flag car 420 and DRE will take care of the rest