The Digital Race Engineer 3 – Deluxe License


Your license key will be sent to your provided email address in the Order Completed email.

This product is a license key that unlocks The DRE3 plugin into Deluxe version mode, thus allowing you most features. Check out the feature comparison to see which

Why buy the Deluxe license?

  • Support the dev's work
  • Get a special color scheme for the Launcher
  • Get access to Deluxe users Discord channel: Get deeper insights on development work (pm @Egil Sandfeld on Discord to get access)


Start for Free

Do yourself a favor and test the Free version before purchasing the Pro or Deluxe version.

Make sure you are satisfied with The DRE before proceeding to purchase - get support in the Help section or join the official The DRE Discord


Not sure what to get

For more information on The DRE read here

By downloading and installing DRE, you accept the license agreement