Real-Time Tire Wear & Health in iRacing?

In my conversation with Lone Road iRacers podcast host, Guy Robertson, we delved into the exciting new features of DRE 2023.1. One of the highlights of this alpha version is its tire wear management capabilities, which introduce a paradigm shift in racing strategy. Let’s explore the power of DRE’s new tire data feature and how it can enhance your racing experience.


Real-Time Tire Health to Maximize Your Strategy

Understanding Tire Wear Estimation

The latest version of DRE incorporates historical data analysis to estimate tire wear as you progress through the race. Not only does it adjust the tire wear during pit stops, but it also collects valuable data from every stop you make on the track. By combining historic data and real-time monitoring, DRE aims to provide an accurate gauge of tire wear tailored to your specific track and car combination. Moreover, it adapts to your racing style, ensuring a personalized experience for every driver.


Tire Analytics

Real-Time Telemetry Challenges

For the more technically inclined, it’s essential to note that iRacing imposes a 20-minute delay in receiving live telemetry from the car during race sessions. To address this limitation, DRE introduces an innovative feature, Pit Shuffle. This feature seamlessly swaps you in and out of the car, bypassing the delay and allowing for instant retrieval of telemetry data during pit stops. With Pit Shuffle, you can promptly access real-time tire wear information when you leave the pit, enabling informed decision-making during the race.

Pit Shuffle tiny

Having the most up-to-date tire information allows you to make informed strategy decisions.


Unleash the Power of Data

As drivers, it’s crucial to stay on top of your tire health to optimize performance and ensure safety on the track. DRE’s tire wear management empowers you to monitor your tire condition throughout the race and determine when it’s time for a change. By continuously collecting data as you drive, DRE refines its estimates for every track and car combination, making it an invaluable tool for tire management.

Tire Wear Graph 1 tiny


Beyond the Basics

While DRE 2023.1’s tire wear feature is an excellent starting point, it’s important to note that it doesn’t yet account for individual driver behavior. However, for the time being, it provides a rough estimate of tire wear and identifies which tires need attention.

Critical Tire Wear Slider

Additionally, DRE 2023.1 introduces critical tire wear threshold alerts, notifying you when any of your tires are at risk of crossing that threshold. This feature adds an extra layer of safety and helps you make educated decisions regarding tire changes.

Making Informed Decisions

Uncertainty often arises when deciding whether to continue with another stint or change tires. DRE takes most guesswork out of this equation by providing you with the answers you need. While it cannot provide precise tire wear data, it comes close enough to guide your decision-making process. The ultimate goal of DRE’s tire wear feature is to empower drivers with the information required to optimize performance and stay competitive on the track.

Wear 76 percent

Try it for yourself

The new tire wear features in DRE 2023.1 revolutionize racing strategy by leveraging historic data and real-time monitoring. With DRE, you can now effectively manage your tire health, make informed decisions about tire changes, and optimize your performance on every track.

The future holds even more exciting possibilities as DRE continues to evolve and incorporate advanced driver behavior analysis. Embrace the power of data and explore the new tire wear features in DRE 2023.1 to elevate your racing experience.

To experience the tire wear features firsthand, check out how to get Alpha versions.

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