Report a bug

How to report a bug

Bug report

  1. Whenever you experience an issue with DRE during racing
    1. Click on Create Bug Report Data in Settings -> General
    2. Alternatively, say output data to generate the same bug folder, but you must zip it yourself
  2. A zip file is now created in the folder called “output” in your Documents/The Digital Race Engineer folder
  3. Send the zip to or drag the zip into the corresponding Discord bug thread if available

Provide Bug Details

If possible, link to the iRacing results from that session. Please also provide as detailed of an issue description as possible:

  1. DRE Version
  2. Title of issue / Summary of the issue
  3. Steps to reproduce the issue
  4. Expected results
  5. Actual results

Feel free to reach out via email or join the Discord with questions, feedback, and suggestions