What are sim-racers saying about DRE?

Incredibly helpful

Big fan of DRE. Started using it when I ventured into VR, but have since moved back to monitors and still use DRE for Pit Stops, Spotting, Driver ahead/behind information, and black box viewing.

I only use around 15 commands at most but is incredibly helpful. I’m not good enough to do pit stuff and change black boxes while driving.

Rob Powers

Worth it

I love this app and have been using it for several years now.

The spotting and pitstop functions alone are worth it.

#1 suggestion… Train your speech recognition in windows. Do all of the training, a couple of times if you can. It makes a HUGE difference.

Brett Trosin

Competitive advantage

DRE is the best thing for sim racing since virtual reality! I am loving it!!!

The ability to collect critical information in real-time, maintain focus during races, and make better decisions = DRE is a competitive advantage.

It also eliminated what I considered to be the only negative of VR which was to be able to interact with the software and other racers efficiently. This does that in spades!

Kane Lasky

Useful info

DRE gives way more of useful info over voice than the default spotter


Really enjoyed it

Tried it out last night and really enjoyed it … deleted my crew chief spotter!

Just wanted to say thank you again. Installed the pro version today and tested it out and it is an incredible program.

Dwayne Mcarthur

Love DRE

I just wanted to say I love DRE. Thank you and keep up the good work


Highly recommend

I would find it extremely difficult to race in VR without DRE. I won’t try extolling the virtues, as Egil does a very good job of that.

I highly recommend the DRE app.

Butch Berney

Great app

Never been a VR user but have been using this for years. Great app and allows me to focus on track instead of finding keyboard keys or buttons on a button box.

Highly recommend!

Rich Jamison

Top-notch stuff

I just wanted to take the time to come back and rave about DRE.

I used it for the 24 hours of Daytona and I can’t begin to quantify how useful it was to me.

Being able to ask what time it was, what my fuel situation was, who was ahead and behind me, having it help me with brake bias and traction control adjustments mid-run…it was amazing and I don’t know that I would have enjoyed the 24 as much if it wasn’t for DRE. I ran two three-hour stints and DRE was there for me the entire time.

This really is top-notch stuff and I don’t race in VR without it anymore.

Matthew A Holmes


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