The Ultimate Sim Racing Collaboration: DRE x Twitchy Foot Racing!

Partnership: DRE and Twitchy Foot Racing Unite!

Two powerhouses in the sim racing community have joined forces to create an unbeatable dream team. DRE, the leading provider of sim racing engineering, and Twitchy Foot Racing, a renowned racing team known for their skill and passion, are set to conquer the virtual race tracks together.

Visit Twitchy Foot Racing

Affiliate Commission Rates Just Doubled!

Great news! DRE Affiliate Commission rates have soared from 20% to 40% on initial orders, and recurring orders now earn you 30%.

How to translate DRE

Here are some points on how to translate DRE strings and keep a structure when building sentences 👇 See this FAQ on how to start editing translations in-app See this post on how to start editing translation in CrowdIn   Generally for both methods, you can learn...

2022.3.4 released – Stability in Stable

Put on your harness: 2022.3.4 is here, packed with improvements and fixes!

Shift Into Savings: Annual Subscription Prices Drop

Prices of DRE annual subscriptions has been lowered. Whether you’re on the Essentials, Performance, or the beastly Ultimate package, you’re in for some sweeter deals. Ever wondered why? Let’s just say we’ve been listening to your pit crew feedback and want to gear up more racers with the best spotter. Check out the full scoop and get back on the track with a few extra bucks in your pocket!

Become a DRE affiliate

Refer users to DRE and earn a cut of sales. Become an affiliate and earn money.

Lone iRacers Podcast Interview

Lone iRacers Podcast interview with Egil and Guy – January 2023

DRE 2022.3 is here

DRE 2022 is now available – Download now. Learn more about the new DRE version and get started now for free

DRE 2022 Launched

DRE 2022 is now available – Download now. Learn more about the new DRE version and get started now for free

DRE3 Updated – DRE 2022 Alpha News

DRE 3.4.7 is here. News about DRE 2022 Alpha – Learn more about the new DRE versions and get started now.

Revolutionize sim racing with DRE 2022

DRE 2022 is a revolution and a brand new standalone iRacing spotter application featuring. Learn more about the new DRE and its alpha access for the best iRacing spotter


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