DRE picks up noise and detects words I don’t say

Try the following steps to minimize “false positives” where the speech recognition picks up noise as speech in your environment

  1. Turn down the volume/gain of your microphone in the Windows Sound settingsMicrophone Level
  2. Try enabling the “Mute listening when busy” toggle in DRE in order to deafen DRE whenever you are braking in the sim. This can easily remove some false positives
  3. You can train your computer to understand you better. Go to Control Panel -> Ease of Access -> Speech Recognition. Click on Train your computer to better understand you. This will make it know how you sound and will be able to better distinguish your voice from noise from eg. steering wheel or other people nearby. Do this training at least twice! Also over time, the recognition gets better as it learns as you talk to it.
  4. Whenever DRE mistake noise or something you said wasn’t the correct command you wanted, reply to DRE what it wrote in the Log. Eg. if recognition picks up the “iRating” command from the noise in your room, say “iRating” back to DRE a couple of times. The reason is, that Windows Speech Recognition supposably can learn as you go. By learning how it is actually pronounced by you it can better differentiate in the future
  5. Try playing around with the DRE settings for Recognition.
    1. In DRE go to Sound -> Recognition
    2. At the bottom, see the Speech Recognition graph
    3. Overall, the speech you actually say should fall inside the green area, while the noise should be outside. If it isn’t adjustments are needed to the sliders above.
    4. See the Legend below the graph for more info


Finally, see the Speech Recognition Guide to make sure you’re set for optimal recognition.

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