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DRE 3.4.5 Released

DRE 3.4.5 has hit the public. Learn more about the new DRE version and get started now

What’s New in 3.4

Learn about changes and shiny new stuff in the latest edition of DRE.

Much of the now 5-year-old logic has been completely overhauled and refreshed with this update. There are improvements to calculating session duration, resulting in way better prediction in fuel usage and other calculations.

On top of this, there are now more commands, alerts, better controller/joystick support, and a thorough check on critical code logic.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in DRE 3.4

Fuel Improvements

Complete overhaul of session laps calculations affecting driver positioning, fuel estimations, etc.

  • The previous solution had several blind spots causing unintended butterfly effects, and they have been fixed with this overhaul.
  • You should now see a more precise and consistent lap progression as you are driving (e.g., asking for the fuel needed or laps left)
Black Box Fuel

Improved auto-fueling

Calling “Auto Fuel Now” while the AutoFuel feature is turned off behaves more natural

  • It won’t start auto-checking for changes in fuel needed after this call.
  • Having AutoFuel off, you can simply re-call “Auto fuel now” to recalculate the amount as needed.
  • AutoFuel logic remains the same while being enabled. DRE keeps adjusting the fuel to fill until you make the pit stop, but only if a new fuel estimation is more than 2 liters off the previous.
The DRE | Features | Auto Fuel

Dialed it in

‘Auto Fuel Safety Amount’ slider now goes from 1 – 500% instead of 50 – 1000%. It is still possible to override and extend these limits by manually editing DRE.ini.

What’s Auto Fuel?

Fuel Safety Amount Slider

Race Simulation

Prepare yourself for the big racing events with Race Simulation. This feature overrides the practice session time and laps left. In 3.4 the feature has been improved, and it now features two new alerts:

  • ‘Race simulation started’
  • ‘Race simulation completed’

These remind you of being on a simulation run during practice. The ‘started’ variant triggers exiting pits, and the ‘completed’ when overridden time or laps run out.

  • Set race sim overrides in Launcher -> Driving -> Practice time/laps length override
DRE Race Simulation

Proximity Tweaks

Improved Proximity alerts for drivers coming from behind when you are on or off the track.

  • They now take into account changing gaps of the drivers already in your proximity and will update you if gaps open or close in the traffic approaching.
  • This should give you a better heads up of when to rejoin the track/be relieved.
  • Furthermore, timing has been optimized when you are off track and need to rejoin. DRE will anticipate the gap earlier to allow you to accelerate and slot back in on track.
  • All proximity speaks have been sped up to provide newer information in the heat of the action
  • Proximity alert logic has been strengthened to improve the consistency of calls with multiple cars around

Check out the Proximity Alerts

DRE Proximity Alert Improvements

Did you shake the other car off?

A small but significant addition to ‘Alert car left right’ is the ‘Still left/right‘ sentences.

  • These are short continuous relays of the whereabouts of another car.
  • On top of this, the car left-right alert now also triggers more often, allowing you to get the information quicker. This was partly fixed in, but now fully.

Cars side by side as alerts

Still Left

More goodies

Better incidents information

When asking how bad you are at driving, DRE now tells you both the total number of your incidents and how many were from off tracks

This allows you to get a better impression of your bad behavior

Off tracks and Incidents details in iRacing | DRE

More admin commands

New admin commands for hosted racing: ‘Admin open/close pits’, ‘Admin set/change pace laps to 1..10’, ‘Admin extend/increase/shorten/decrease pace laps by 1..10’. These allow hosted admins to control pace lapping much better. DRE covers all admin commands


Speed of DRE Launcher

Opening the Launcher now happens much quicker, as things are loaded in the background. Improvements have also been made to the loading speeds on the Controls page


Hosted AI sessions

The AI in hosted iRacing sessions should already be supported in DRE. There’s an alert to give a heads up if you join a server with a mix of real and AI drivers.


DRE is now 64-bit and fully Voice Attack 1.8.8+ compliance, to allow for using more memory and optimizing speeds


Push to Pass

Controller/Joystick/Button polling has been heavily optimized to minimize the CPU footprint while being very responsive.

Worthy mentions from recent DRE releases

Before we look at more changes and shiny new stuff with DRE 3.4, there are just some things we are extra proud of delivering. So much that we feel the need to share them again! For a full overview of what DRE brings to the table, check out the Features

Make gridding a breeze

Don’t you just hate it when you forget to set race fuel? I do! That’s why I created the Grid Fuel Warning.

Make gridding foolproof and focus on racing with DRE. This alert triggers on suspicion of low fuel levels in the car when going to the grid. I think that’s quite neat

Don't Forget Fuel In iRacing | Grid Fuel Warning

Sharing is caring

Sharing car data with your teammates is now possible!

  • Fuel, oil, water, temps and levels are now shared across DRE users driving in the same team.
  • No setup is required – just simply go and get the data when spotting or watching your teammates drive.
Share Car Data with your iRacing TEAM | DRE Spotter

Striking distance

Whether you’re catching or being caught, this new alert gives you a heads up. It works for multiple cars in front and behind, so if any of these seem to be closing in on you, you will be alerted and may take actions like:

  • Changing pit strategy
  • Focusing on improving your lap times to avoid or complete an overtake on that car.
Striking Distance in iRacing | DRE

The iRating game

Know your minimum goals in official racing: There’s now both a command and an alert that tells you the lowest position you must finish to gain iRating.

    iRating Gain Position in iRacing | DRE Spotter

    See all changes in 3.4

    More stuff has gone into this release so if you’re into the nitty-gritty bits, check out the full changelog below.

    Look forward to a vastly improved experience from lots of optimizations and fixes. If you discover any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out via email or Discord

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